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“Identity Politics” claim puts Dems on defense

  GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Dan Forest denounced ‘identity politics’  during the official kickoff for his campaign.  What was he talking about?  The leftist habit of hyphenating Americans, pigeonholing them, and then throwing something to each group that votes, um, “right.”   Leftists are throwing a,…

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What a difference 31 years makes.

  I first cut my teeth in big time politics back in 1988 in the early stages of the Bush-Quayle campaign.  As  a bright-eyed bushy-tailed college kid, I got a great chance to watch, from my vantage point as a low, low, low-level peon,  some…

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*Call me CRUSHED. Call my dreams SHATTERED.*

Tim Boyum, the politics guy on that channel that always seems to be playing in  medical office waiting rooms, dropped this political bombshell today:   Just to make it clear — I WILL NEVER RUN FOR PRESIDENT, EITHER. (Just in case anyone was interested.) Thom…

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Electoral College, 2nd Amendment: firewalls against tyranny

Our founding fathers had a really good reason for giving us each of those concepts. Liberals look at the 2000 and 2016 elections and howl.  Our guy / gal won the popular vote but didn’t get the presidency! Not fair! Actually, the electoral college —…

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Libertarian prez ticket Johnson / Weld endorse Black Lives Matter, bash “religious freedom”

I’ve long maintained that the Big-L Libertarians are being hijacked by the Bernie Sanders / Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Look at pizza man Sean Haugh.  When he ran for the US Senate in 2014, he actually siphoned votes from Democrat Kay Hagan.  During the debates, Haugh made…

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I’ve been an admirer of Ted Cruz since he first came to the US Senate.  He has been the closest thing to my political mentor, and former boss, Jesse Helms that we’ve seen in a long time.  I had mixed emotions about his run for…

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Sorting out Super Tuesday

If you believe the drivebys, yesterday’s voting has already set up a general election battle between Hillary and The Donald.  But, judging from the delegate numbers and the exit poll findings, there is STILL a race going on. On the Democrat side, it takes 2,383…

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Trump on Top (still)

The political circus is leaving South Carolina and heading for the next venue.  As the dust clears, we can chalk up yet another win for the Trump Machine — capturing ALL of South Carolina’s 50 electoral votes.  The billionaire’s big wins in New Hampshire and…

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#ncpol: Two down, a zillion to go. WHAT we’ve learned so far.

Everyone — and I mean everyone — is trying to read the political tea leaves in the wake of the Iowa and New Hampshire votes.  On the Democrat side, we’re being told Hillary is reeling.  On the Republican side, we’re being told outsiders and anti-establishment…

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Art Pope for UNC president?

I’m sure the very thought of that sends shockwaves of trauma across The People’s Republic of Chapel Hill.  Emergency drum circle sessions are being organized.  Every discount store in Orange County is bracing for protests. Somebody is doing a great job of floating this rumor….