Trump on Top (still)

Trump-TIMEThe political circus is leaving South Carolina and heading for the next venue.  As the dust clears, we can chalk up yet another win for the Trump Machine — capturing ALL of South Carolina’s 50 electoral votes. 

The billionaire’s big wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina — and close call in Iowa — have Republicans of all stripes scratching their heads on this guy.  *What is the deal?  Why are the voters falling for this (multiple choice: (a) charlatan, (b) reality show start (c) egomaniac (d) nut job (e) Hitler / Mussolini wannabe)?*

The best way to understand this is to look at what the voters are SAYING.  In South Carolina, roughly a third of GOP voters saw terrorism as the top issue.  Trump’s ‘bomb-the-shit-out-of-them” rhetoric addresses that concern nicely, don’t you think? 

Forty percent of SC voters said all illegals should be deported back to their home countries.  Again, right in line with DJT’s position. 

About three quarters of voters favored at least a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.  Once again, right in line with a DJT position.  

Just ten percent of voters said they had favorable feelings about the federal government.   Forty percent said they are angry at Washington.  About half — in line with findings in New Hampshire — say they feel betrayed by DC Republicans.  

Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and Bush ALL can be tied closely to DC Republicans.  It’s harder to do that with Trump.

Look at what Gallup is showing nationally.  About 40 percent of voters are seeing the economy as the top issue.  A billionaire with a vast business empire is positioned pretty well to be seen as strong on the economy. 

Gallup finds these issues as the ones right in line behind the economy: dissatisfaction with government, immigration / illegal aliens, terrorism, and national security.

Trump’s rhetoric about being a businessman frustrated cruz-trump-2016with how government works folds nicely into addressing that whole “dissatisfaction” thing.  His campaign has elevated  three issues that follow right to the top of all their communications to voters. 

So it all looks like it boils down nicely to some great marketing work.  Team Trump is doing with their guy what so many successful businesses do every day in their respective markets — giving the people what they want. 

Judging from the polling thus far, the trend in the GOP presidential race is expected to continue into the March 15th North Carolina primary.  Polling from PPP, High Point University, and Civitas all has Trump on top of the field in the Tar Heel State with a lead of anywhere from 4 to 10 points over his closest rival (Ted Cruz).

Teams Cruz and Rubio need to study the polling from the primaries-thus-far and start contemplating HOW they are going to more successfully offer what the voters / market  is/are demanding.  That is, if they want to have any hope of catching DJT.