“YOU just don’t understand.”


When someone tells you that, what does it really mean?   Translation: ‘Oh, you’re an idiot clearly not smart enough to understand the words coming out of my mouth.’

It’s especially infuriating to be told stuff like this from government types.  Though, in a way, they’re right.  We DON’T understand spending more money than you have. We DON’T understand setting up rules that don’t apply to EVERYONE. And we sure DON’T understand setting up agepittengerncies or creating laws and regulations that have NO basis in the U.S. Constitution. 

In 2013, congressman Robert Pittenger told all of us frustrated with a lack of action on things like ObamaCare and amnesty that we just don’t understand politics. 

This campaign season, state Rep. Nelson Dollar has questioned the legitimacy of his primary opponent because (1) he has no government experience and (2) clearly does’t understand the complex nature of government.

asciuttopictureJan2016Now, we have a REPUBLICAN county commissionr in Stanly County lecturing opponents of the dubious ConnectNC bond issue about ”how government works.”  Commissioner Peter Asciutto asks an anti-bond spokeswoman, on the linked video, about the,um, wisdom of abiding by the GOP platform’s fiscal conservatism planks or ”listen[ing] to the elected officials in Raleigh.’

The people who founded this country NEVER intended to have the common people taking direction from government.  They intended for average citizens to define government’s role and empower it enough to perform that role.

images-2If these guys and gals in elected office are sooooo much smarter than we are, WHY do they need all of these lawyers to write up laws and regulations and EXPLAIN said laws and regulations TO them? 

It’s way past time to deal with the arrogance of the governing class.  If they continue to assert that we aren’t capable of understanding the, um, complexity of what they do, we can certainly make them understand the concept of UNEMPLOYMENT.  In March, May or November.