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Developers seeking to build solar schools in NC target of SC lawsuit

    A group of folks from North Carolina, who have been lobbying the General Assembly for a few years now to lease privately-owned school buildings (which may, um, *coincidentally* have solar panels on them) to local governments,  is now finding themselves in some legal…

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The next scandal to smack Raleigh

  To get a preview, just look at what’s already happening south of our state border: Horry County Schools’ $220 million deal with a contractor to build five new schools prompted a state law enforcement investigation, the district revealed Tuesday in a statement.   The…

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RINO crackdown on conservatives extends south of the border

Those of you in Haywood County who have been PNGed by the NCGOP — those of you who have been threatened with losing your party position for daring to comment on THIS site (or share posts from this site on social media) — take heart….

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#ncga: Group that led NC push for public / private school development now part of SC probe

A North Carolina developer tied to the solar goons who pushed hard — and successfully — on Jones Street to allow local governments to use tax money to lease privately-owned school facilities is getting some unflattering headlines down south: Firstfloor Energy Positive, the builder of…

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Justice Ginsburg: SC’s senator Graham a GIRL

So, either she’s made an observation that would get a conservative-leaning person FRIED in the driveby media, or she’s as senile and brain-dead as a 2×4.  (Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about such a person making life-changing decisions for ALL OF US.) :…

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Perp Walk: Corruption allegations, indictment ROCK the state House

The SOUTH CAROLINA state House, that is:  Today Rep Jim Merrill (R-Berkley), who is the Majority Whip in the South Carolina State Legislature was indicted on 30 counts of Ethics Violations with two of those counts being Misconduct in Office. The heart of the indictment…

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Trump on Top (still)

The political circus is leaving South Carolina and heading for the next venue.  As the dust clears, we can chalk up yet another win for the Trump Machine — capturing ALL of South Carolina’s 50 electoral votes.  The billionaire’s big wins in New Hampshire and…

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SC’s Mulvaney: amnesty foes ‘absurd,’ ‘stupid’

If you thought things were bad on the north side of the border, take a trip a little ways south to check out alleged Tea Party hero Mick Mulvaney: […] “Here’s the surprise,” the narrator says. “The strategy is to target the hardcore Tea Party…

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SC 2016: Again, with THIS ????

Well, the run-up to South Carolina’s presidential primary is already underway.  It’s an every-four-years ritual.  And with that ritual comes another ritual — moaning and hand-wringing about the Confederate flag on the grounds of the state Capitol in Columbia. *Speaking as a native-born Southerner, I…

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Feds dumping Muslim refugees in SC. (Are we next? Or is it already happening?)

South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy (R) is all over the Obama administration for some immigration monkey business:  Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy’s efforts to shed light on the government’s secretive refugee resettlement program continues to play out in letters between himself and the federal agency responsible…