Justice Ginsburg: SC’s senator Graham a GIRL

So, either she’s made an observation that would get a conservative-leaning person FRIED in the driveby media, or she’s as senile and brain-dead as a 2×4.  (Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about such a person making life-changing decisions for ALL OF US.) :

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared to erroneously label South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham as one of the “women of the Senate” on Monday.

 Ginsburg’s statement came in her remarks upon accepting an Allegheny College award given to her and the late Justice Antonin Scalia for civility in public life.

Hours after Justice Neil Gorsuch was sworn in to replace Scalia, Ginsburg took to the podium in calling on lawmakers to work together, but appeared to identify South Carolina’s senior senator as a woman.

“I thought back to the 1993 confirmation of my nomination to the court—the hearing was altogether civil, the vote was 96 to 3. For Justice Scalia, the vote was unanimous,” Ginsburg said. “Let’s hope members of Congress, the members that Allegheny College has already honored — Vice President Joe Biden and Senator John McCain, the women of the Senate, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham — let’s hope that they and others of goodwill will lead in restoring harmonious work ways.” […]

This comes on the heels of her common sense observation that men and women are different and need different things.   I, for one, am developing a real appreciation for this woman in her twilight years.

At the rate she’s going, let her sit there until the coroner has to carry her out.  (Maybe Trump can keep her going beyond that point with some  kind of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’-type stunt.)