*Call me CRUSHED. Call my dreams SHATTERED.*

Tim Boyum, the politics guy on that channel that always seems to be playing in  medical office waiting rooms, dropped this political bombshell today:


Just to make it clear — I WILL NEVER RUN FOR PRESIDENT, EITHER. (Just in case anyone was interested.)

Thom Tilli$$$$ will have a whale of a time surviving a 2020 reelection bid.  It’s a presidential year, and the Democrats will be bringing their A-game.   His 38% conservatism ranking won’t help much with his party’s base.

Isn’t it interesting how few NCGOP candidates are seeking his help in campaigning?

Also, the guy has engendered so much venom, hatred, and angst against himself from within his own party. I  can just mention Tilli$$$’s name in passing, and the profanity and insults against our junior senator start flying.  

You have to reach back to John Edwards to find someone who so easily engendered so much anger and hatred among the grassroots.