The Steinburg Invitational: Wanna go?

Excitement is in the air.  If you’re planning to be in the vicinity of Asheville, North Carolina over Thanksgiving, state Rep. Bob Steinburg is bringing you some quality college basketball to watch IN PERSON:  Arkansas State, Eastern Illinois, UNC-Wilmington, and Gardner Webb.

What?  Don’t find that prospect exciting? 

We thought it was our duty to keep you posted on what $50,000 in Currituck County tax revenue has purchased.

It looks like The Steinburg Invitational is doing its part to create a job or two in Asheville.  Here are some ads posted online by Bob’s company, The Wolfestein group:

First, can you actually “specialize” in something that you’ve never done before?

Second, “highly-networked team”?   According to these guys, that means a work environment with little supervision where people tend to stay in touch via The Internet.

In THIS case, what could go wrong?

Oh, and let’s not forget tickets.  The Asheville arena hosting this thing seats 7,200.   Ticketmaster lists lower-level adult single game tickets at $23.50.  (Children at $14.50).  A pass for the whole three-day she-bang can run from $44 apiece to $94 apiece.  

Sooooooo — you can sit in your recliner, sleep off that turkey dinner while watching football.  Or you can road trip to Asheville and watch Eastern Illinois slug it out with Gardner-Webb and Arkansas State and UNC-Wilmington and ….

(*Um, no.   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …. *)


6 thoughts on “The Steinburg Invitational: Wanna go?

  1. This scam prompted by REP BS and his buddy Bobby Hanig really stinks and the taxpayers were taken for at least $50K. Regardless of what REP BS claims it is unethical, if not illegal.

  2. Gardner Webb would be a much better school if they did not have sports teams really all schools would be better if they got rid of sports teams #LowEducationSports

  3. Maybe Phil Berger will go. After all, it was Berger who gerrymandered Senator Bill Cook, a great legislator, out of the 1st Senate district, and gerrymandered crooked abrasive liberal Bob Steinburg into it. Berger’s senseless gerrymander will probably cost us that seat in November. I hope Berger’s solar goon friends are happy with what he did for them in that gerrymander because Republicans are NOT.

  4. $50,000 is a lot of money to be scammed from the taxpayers. A procedure needs to be in place to prevent this type of situation from ever happening again.

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