Low-info Left not Holding back on George.

The same crowd that gets threatened by statues and thinks the US DOJ is interested in how many of your family members voted for The Evil Pant-Suited One™ in 2016 has got a new one they’re trying out — this time in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District race:

First of all, there is no evidence that George Holding has ANY involvement in the day-to-day operations of First Citizens Bank.  Let’s get that out of the way.   Second, town halls are basically a chance for hardcore kooks to beat on you like a piñata in Tijuana.  Average Joes and Marys typically don’t attend those things. ( I don’t blame George on that one. )

I got a bit of education on the current state of banking just last weekend.  I saw a friend of mine who is a senior exec with a major bank (not First Citizens, FWIW).  I had seen reports that his bank was closing and consolidating several branches and other customer service facilities in the region.  I asked what was up with that.

He explained to me that — like with record stores and book stores — the Internet is forcing major changes in the way banks do business.  Fewer people than ever, he told me, are actually coming in to bank facilities to talk face-to-face with bank employees.  Online banking has really caught on. Even with the senior citizen- Medicare — social security crowd.   From a business standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to keep so many branches and other customer service facilities open when foot traffic at those locations has declined so dramatically.  Business, he tells me, is great in spite of the drop in foot traffic.  

It got me thinking.  I rarely venture to a branch.  Maybe on the rare occasion I need some cash from the ATM.

Occasions like this are great for educating lefties that businesses are not charities, but have making money as their purpose.  If you’re spending more money than you’re taking in, you’re not making money. 

I’ve seen polling showing Holding down in the polls.  His main problem is his image as a seat-warmer.  He is so quiet and low-key.  His foes have done a great job of defining him by the notorious sleeping-in the-speaker’s-chair photo. (And ol’ George hasn’t done much to dispel any of that.)

Holding did a significant tour on Jesse Helms’s DC staff. Some of that Helms magic HAD to have rubbed off on him. Like Trump (and Helms), he doesn’t NEED the lobbyist money.  It would be nice to see him taking some of what he picked up as a Helms staffer and using it to educate the voters  that (1) conservatism is good for you, and (2) there is something else out there besides DC business-as-usual.  (Conservative Review currently has Holding rocking a gentlemanly, respectable 80%-B conservative rating.) 

And make a little more noise while he’s at it. (Even outside of campaign time.)  

 Losing to Linda Coleman?  Now, THAT’S embarrassing.  


6 thoughts on “Low-info Left not Holding back on George.

  1. If he loses to Coleman, it’s his own fault. He’s not gone out of his way to connect with rank-and-file members of his own Party, a la Howard Coble, and his elitism and distance from party activists doesn’t help. I do think the map will support him, he can lose Wake and still have the outlying counties to fall back on.

  2. I live in Wake Forest. There is a street named after his grandfather who was a public official in town. He has been to town maybe a half dozen times in the 6 years he has been in Congress. I’ve mentioned to several party leaders that I find this troubling.

  3. Have to agree with the other comments. I have been to many small fundraisers for George, and yet he doesn’t seem to recognize me after all these years. So if he is standoffish with a financial supporter, how does he think that he will get the politically-uninvolved folks to vote for him??? At the very least, he needs to get those TV ads going asap, and then get out and make eye contact and smile to those at the town halls and fundraisers.

    I really thought his CoS Tucker, or even his wife, would be aware of George’s growing reputation, and try to guide him that this is not the time to be quiet, but so far nothing seems to be changing. Very sad if we lose this one.

    And of course, we have Zan Bunn to help him……..

  4. Appears to me the solution is to support President Trump and his policies which have America on the right track. One problem is Holding’s consultant Wrenn does not cotton to Trump and has openly been very critical of him. Wrenn loves to run very expensive media campaigns and in my opinion if Holding had been closer to Trump he would not be in this close a race to begin with. The problem in North Carolina right now is the GOP establishment has become purple as well as its consultants. Only one Congressman stands above the rest, including senators, and that is Mark Meadows who openly supports President Trump and defends him against daily assault. From the rest I hear crickets.
    Now Obama has been thawed out and is selling more disinformation with nary a peep from our NC delegation:
    “Obama, stumping for Democrats, warns, ‘If we don’t step up, things can get worse’”

    Worse than:
    – 3.9% unemployment
    – Record-low unemployment in the black & Latino community
    – 400,000 new manufacturing jobs
    – 4.2% GDP growth

    How much worse could it get?
    Elect a bunch of leftist democrats because of idiot consultants and weak minded candidates and America will reap what it sows.

  5. Holding is a total mystery to most of his constituents, including Republicans. He has been virtually invisible for the past six years. I can’t even seem to recall his making any kind of a statement in recent years on anything. I hope I’m not being unfair to Holding, but this is just my perception of the situation. Maybe it’s a staff problem, but probably doubtful.

  6. I do recall,Mr. cut, cut, cut, spending, voted for the 2015 trillion dollar Cromnibus that funded every socialist program on God’s earth.

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