BOOM! Another liberal head explodes over election subpoenas.

The crowd over at Blinking’ Chris and Scowlin’ Rob’s place (NC PolicyWatch to non-political junkies) is not taking the federal subpoenas for North Carolina election info very well.  Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about from two of their employees who, I think, identify as women:

Um, all I can say is: Good luck with that strategy.  The subpoena, according to driveby reporting, originated from a federal grand jury in Wilmington.   I can’t think of many — if any — folks who had the guts to tell an empaneled federal grand jury to pound sand.  (And are still on the outside of a federal prison.)

Here’s another melanin-deficient suspected identifier-as-a-woman from Chris & Rob’s place:

I think I have a pretty good idea of WHO you voted for, sweetheart.  (And I didn’t even need a subpoena.)

ICE and Homeland Security are driving this train.  The fact that they want election records leads me to infer that the grand jury is looking at foreigners / illegals voting in North Carolina.  I’d be willing to bet that, if you are a US citizen and a North Carolina resident who lawfully registered to vote, you have nothing to worry about from this.

And don’t you love it when these people, who make a career out of cheering flag-burning and booing our troops, suddenly mouth patriotic-sounding stuff? :

As a bonus, here’s a suspected man-identifier from WRAL — which, by the way, is a huge, enthusiastic supporter of Rob and Chris and NC PolicyWatch:

*I dunno.  Could it be that grand jury proceedings are SECRET ????*  At least they WERE back in the day when I was pulling driveby duty.   Leaking info from a federal grand jury gets you an all-expenses paid stay in a federal prison cell.  

Sometimes it’s not so good to let bad guys know you’re looking at them.  It gives them time to cover up stuff, flee the country.  That kind of thing.  

Don’t let these people scare you, folks.  I’ll let you know when it’s time to worry.  They are panicking because they know that, if someone with some integrity and powers of arrest and prosecution seriously tackles this stuff, their house of cards is coming down HARD.

3 thoughts on “BOOM! Another liberal head explodes over election subpoenas.

  1. It is high time to crack down on illegal aliens voting in our elections. Polls of illegal aliens show that 13% of them admit to illegally voting in our elections. They have already broken the law by coming here, so why should they worry about breaking the law again by voting illegally? Even Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired an illegal alien as her “Hispanic Get-out-the-vote” coordinator. Is it likely he restricted himself to citizens in “getting out the vote”?

  2. I wonder of any of this has anything to do with Major Dave’s investigations into Voter/election inconsistencies.

  3. US Attorneys in Texas ought to be doing the same thing. The campaign of fake Hispanic “Beto” O’Rouke (he does not have a drop of Hispanic blood although he uses a Hispanic nickname) has been caught sending out a blast email to supporters asking for help in transporting illegal aliens to the polls. The campaign acknowledges that the email is authentic, coming from their campaign account although they claim it was not “authorized”.

    There ought to be very heavy mandatory active sentences for any candidate or campaign encouraging illegal aliens to vote.

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