cruzI’ve been an admirer of Ted Cruz since he first came to the US Senate.  He has been the closest thing to my political mentor, and former boss, Jesse Helms that we’ve seen in a long time.  I had mixed emotions about his run for president.  It would be great to have someone with his worldview in The White House.  On the other hand, we need him leading the fight for common-sense conservatism in the Senate. As we saw with Helms, one smart senator — who knows the rules and won’t back down in the face of pressure – can stymie The White House and the rest of the DC establishment BIG TIME. 

Well, Cruz’s dream of 1600 Penn didn’t pan out.  So, it’s back to Mitch and the boys on Capitol Hill.  The primary campaign was rough.  Rarely is an election campaign not rough.  Politics IS a contact sport.

Cruz got a prime speaking spot at the National Convention.  He used his opportunity at an event meant to rally the faithful against the barbarian Queen Hillary and her troglodyte mob to try and score a few personal political points.  He didn’t come out and say “Vote for Don.”  He did say “vote your conscience” and told folks not to stay home. I read all that as ”still vote for the stuff down-ballot, but you can leave the president stuff blank.”

Cruz doubled down on his performance, teling the media today that he could not support someone who attacked his family.    That’s fine.  But he should have learned a lesson from Greg Brannon.  Brannon came up short in a slug-fest for the 2014 GOP nomination for US Senate in North Carolina.  The victorious campaign of Thom Tillis came after Brannon pretty hard in the primary.

When it was all over, Brannon simply declined to endorse Tillis, and did not even bother to show up at the state GOP convention — doubling as a celebration of nominee Tillis — that year.  Like Brannon, Cruz should have simply declined the speaking invitation and stayed away from Cleveland this week. Hillary-Clinton-hereicome

Ted Cruz didn’t do himself any favors.  He gave more ammo to all of those GOPe types who have been telling us what an arrogant, pain-in-the-butt, hard-to-get-along-with jerk he is. He disappointed a lot of his supporters who thought he should keep his powder dry and live to fight another day.  At this point, taking shots at Trump does little more than help The Wicked Witch.  

I am not completely sure what we’ll be getting with Trump. I have some idea.  But I DO KNOW what we will be getting with Hillary.  And it scares the hell out of me.  It should scare you too.  She will merely put the cherry on top of the sundae Barry Obama started making in 2009.  Our country can’t stand that.