#ncga: Another one taking care of HIS business

jbellWe’ve posted before about state Rep. Jamie Boles — a funeral home owner — introducing and voting on all kinds of legislation that directly affects his business.  Now, it appears that state Rep. John Bell a credit union executive — is also getting in on that kind of action.

According to the NCGA web site, Bell introduced H511 on April 2, 2015 to make ‘statutory changes related to credit unions.”    On March 19, he introduced H106 to “amend” the membership of the state banking commission.     On February 27, Bell introduced H105 to “reduce mortgage lender surety bonds.”     On that same day, Bell introduced H104 aimed at Eliminating the requirement that mortgage loan originators obtain an audited financial statement.     Bell is employed by North Carolina Community Federal Credit Union of Goldsboro.  According to their web site, that credit union DOES do mortgage loans.

According to the NCGA web site, Bell is also serving on the House Finance and Banking Committees — which WOULD have some jurisdiction over credit unions. (He chairs the House Regulatory Reform Committee.)