Family Values crowd spooked by Tillis


The North Carolina Values Coalition, arguably the largest and most powerful  social conservative lobby in the state,  is expressing their concerns about our junior US senator in a recent email blast to supporters:


[…] After passage of the so-called “Equality Act” by the U.S. House, we asked Senators Burr and Tillis whether they would support passage of the bill in the Senate. We paid a visit to Senator Tillis’ office and Senator Burr’s office in D.C. and met with one of their staff members in each office hoping to receive some clear statement on where they stand on the mis-named “Equality Act.”  Staffers in both offices stated that the Senators do not support the “Equality Act”. That is great news!


We hope that both the Senators will put out statements immediately articulating their opposition to the “Equality Act.”What worries us, however, is that Senator Tillis was featured on an invitation for a fundraiser hosted by a pro-LGBTQ gay rights organization because he was “a pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress.” We were unable to receive an explanation from his staff of this event, even though we were assured that Senator Tillis would not support the “Equality Act” “in its current form.”[…]


We covered the whole invitation brouhaha a little while back. 


5 thoughts on “Family Values crowd spooked by Tillis

  1. The North Carolina Values Coalition needs to get on board the Garland Tucker train and dump the anti-Trump, pro-illegal alien, RINO Thom Tillis. It’s time for him to GO!

    1. AMEN! GARLAND TUCKER 2020! No more RINOs like Tillis and Burr for our great State! They gotta go!

  2. Well said Sir!
    Tillis and his “kind” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. “Ye shall know them by their fruits (works) ”.

    Folks who care about Biblically based faith, family and our traditional country need to pay attention. OUR VALUES are at stake!
    Psalm 127 v1,2.

    1. Tillis isn’t the Only disguised wolf here…….let’s not forget how the family values coalition sold out conservatives, Christians, and Jim Womack with their craven endorsement of liberal Robin Hayes two years ago.

  3. NC Values Coalition raised some eyebrows in the last NC Senate primary by touting an incumbent in glossy mailers against a fine local female candidate in what turned out to be a very nasty race. NCVC lost support from among long-time supporters for that.

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