“Gunning” for Lt. Dan?


She’s only been in big league politics since 2015.  But SOMEONE — reportedly associates of senator Thom Tillis —  is promoting a gubernatorial run by state Rep. Holly Grange (R-Wilmington.)  


In her first race — a special election — Grange was hit hard by her primary opponent for her husband’s reported business dealings in the Middle East with Hillary Clinton crony Sidney Blumenthal (Here and Here).   All that apparently didn’t matter to the wealthy Wilmington RINOs (and some connected ones from Raleigh).


Grange ended up winning that primary big.  She went on to join the House GOP caucus and become a dependable vote for sustaining the state’s solar and wind power policies and basically anything else Speaker Timmy and his buddy Dave wanted.


A little bit of detective work has determined that SOMEONE has reserved the following website domain names through April 2020:    Grangeforgovernor.com (reserved on 04/11/2019) Hollygrangeforgovernor.com (reserved on 4/11/2019) Grangefornc.com (reserved on 04/05/2019) Hollyfornc.com (reserved on 04/05/2019) Hollygrangefornc.com (reserved on 04/04/2019).


The primaries are in March.


*Gee.  I think someone really wants this lady to run for governor.*  (No websites have been set up yet under any of those site names.



Dan Forest thought he could play nice with the knuckle-draggers in Raleigh, and they’d allow him his clean shot at Roy Cooper. Think again.  These people are more cut-throat and vicious toward conservatives than they are to the folks on the other side of the aisle.  Some of these Grange for Governor backers have even been whispering around DC that the caliber of gubernatorial candidates for 2020 is so weak that “fresh new blood is needed.”  (It’s even being whispered that Dan Forest can win a gubernatorial primary, but not the general election. )


Thom Tillis has big enough problems of his own for 2020.  Does he really need to be all in the middle of the gubernatorial race?