Tillis: Being ‘Too Conservative’ is HARD.


You wonder how some people have the gall to claim  what they claim.  Political uber-consultant Paul Shumaker has this template for his clients where they try to hide their ‘Screw Trump’ track record with a bunch of ‘I LOVE DJT’ babbling.  It didn’t work for Robert Pittenger.  It didn’t work for ol’ “Third Place” Scott Dacey in the Third congressional district, and (hopefully) it won’t work for one Thomas Roland Tillis.


The Tillis reelection campaign sent out a recent fundraising letter which bore such an  incredibly dishonest opening line that I’m sure the authors had to watch for a lightning strike as they wrote it:




[…] “This is not the first time I’ve been attacked for being “too conservative” or standing up for my conservative beliefs.”[…]


SERIOUSLY ??????????????????????????????????????????????


Who’s attacking him for THAT?  Let’s review:


Club For Growth conservatism rating: 52%


Heritage Action conservative rating:   59%


Conservative Review rating:  37%


Those are failing grades in any context.  The closer you score to 100 — the more conservative you are.  And Thommy Boy ain’t even close.  To add some context,  Rep. Mark Meadows scores 90% from Conservative Review.  (And HE is — without a doubt — a rock-solid conservative.)


And “Walking the walk”?    Tillis campaigned in 2014 on a promise of aggressively attacking and killing off ObamaCare.  We’ve seen none of that from him.  He also promised to lead the fight for conservative judges.  Yet, when he got to Washington, he and Burr collaborated on getting a  lot of Obama appointees seated in North Carolina.



Judges  they helped push through the Senate and get confirmed have saddled us with gay marriage and screwed up our redistricting.    There’s been much more talking the talk than walking the walk.


But there’s more to this silly letter:



This part is a big fat exaggeration.  This rating he touts comes from fivethirtyeight.com, a leftist website that right up to election day 2016 gave Donald Trump a 29% change of getting elected president.  The 95 rating was for one year.  The site tallies votes and rates them as to whether its what The White House would have supported or not.  A lot of times, votes with your chamber’s leadership count as “votes with Trump.”


But let’s look into this “wingman” claim.   Tillis co-sponsored legislation with DEMOCRATS to protect the special prosecutor and prolong this Russian collusion nonsense.   Tillis also was all over the drive-by media claiming that Trump was wrong — we don’t need a wall. 


Shortly after Trump was elected,  Tillis was running his mouth about how Trump had NO MANDATE. 


The DC establishment is giving Tillis kudos for actually supporting the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.  An easy vote if I ever saw one.


(They don’t mention the screwing that he and Burr laid on Raleigh’s Tom Farr.  They both recommended Farr to The White House for a judicial nomination, and then left Farr hanging out there in the wind while the Democrats and The Round Rev beat on him and eventually shot the nomination down.  It’s no surprise that some of Farr’s family is backing Tillis’s primary opponent, Garland Tucker.)


Tillis even blocked a senior Trump nominee to the Department of Homeland Security as a way of shaking down DHS for more visas for more foreign workers.  (Gotta keep those campaign contributors happy.   Speaking of campaign contributors,  Tillis was honored at a DC fundraiser as a “pro-LGBTQ Republican,” and he told the attendees and the media how important their issues were to him.  (Anybody remember him campaigning on that?)


With friends like this ….


Thom Tillis is a creepy liar who will sell our whole state out in exchange for a big check being dropped in his pocket.  A popularity contest between this guy and Satan right now would likely be neck-and-neck.



Nobody seeks his endorsement for their campaigns.  Nobody wants him around any longer than  we have to have him.   Polls are already showing him as one of the least popular Republicans up for reelection in 2020.



The White House and the RNC would be well-advised to stay the hell out of the upcoming primary.  So should their newly-installed puppet at state party headquarters.  Meddling to try and  save Thommy Boy could possibly  throw the state into play for the Democrats.  And cause damage to the rest of the GOP ticket in North Carolina.


Don’t give me the chance to say “I told you so.”