John Locke busy rehabbing Woodhouse, Hayes

If you are a rich person who is still donating $$$$ to The John Locke Foundation, you might as well be flushing it down the toilet or tossing it out the window as you speed down I-40.  The General Assembly and other power players in Raleigh regularly ignore their position papers.  (Meanwhile, we’re a verified daily first-read, must-read on Jones AND Blount Streets.) 

The JLF was established by gazillionaire Art Pope to lead the conservative counter-culture in Raleigh.  Nowadays, they’re a dependable defender of the GOPe. Some so-called scholars within their offices regularly poo-poo and mock actual conservatives trying to do good.

Robin Hayes and Dallas Woodhouse were last seen by many leaving the NCGOP HQ under a cloud of scandal and controversy.  (Hayes detoured through an FBI probe and a federal courtroom.)  Both men, during their time at NCGOP HQ, bent over backwards to cause problems for conservatives — doing more damage than Democrats and other leftists could ever hope to. 

Locke has brought Woodhouse back as some sort of political mastermind journalist / columnist.  Clearly, he’s doing little more than transcribing GOPe spin.  Though, Dallas — like me — DOES have a drive-by background.  I remember encountering him at several press gaggles.  The first time I recall encountering him, we were both covering the same court case.  (If I recall correctly, he was with the Fox affiliate in Raleigh.)

*Initially, I mistook him for a pimp waiting for them to call his court case.*

Woodhouse did  his time with Locke, and then moved south to work with something called The SC Policy Council.  (He is apparently still writing his column for Locke.)

Now, there is a very very soft puff piece up on Locke’s web site profiling a drug rehab center that got funding from the Hayes family.  Of course, Robin was featured — waxing philosophically about his faith and his, um, desire to help people in need.