Drain the Swamp: The flaming HOT MESS at Appalachian State

With all of this talk of ‘draining the swamp,’  Appalachian State University is looking like a great place to get started.

Here is the Boone campus’s latest foray into the national spotlight: 

“Bernie is asking for a political revolution and college students are some of the main demographic he is speaking to,” Elizabeth Prier, communications director for the Young Democrats of Watauga County, told students at Appalachian State University’s Plemmons Student Union.

That was a year ago.

This year, Prier became one of four ASU students arrested for spray painting “F— Trump,” “F— Cops” and “Black Lives Matter” on a police car and stores in downtown Boone, North Carolina.


[…]At four in the morning, the four feminists went to work. The Appalachian Antique Mall, its cozy windows still filled with shining lights and gifts, was defaced with hateful scrawls of “Black Lives Matter” and “Ruled by White Supremacy”. Earth Fare, an organic food supermarket, was denounced for “Neoliberalism”. The term is largely associated with the anti-free enterprise radical left.

The Dan’l Boone Inn, a family restaurant in one of the oldest buildings in town serving Southern Fried Chicken and Black Cherry Preserves, was smeared. The vandals did their worst to a Boone police cruiser.

ASU facilities had also been vandalized making it all too easy to figure out who was responsible.  A tip to High Country Crime Stoppers located the culprits who were predictably ASU students.

The four, Elizabeth Prier, 22,, Julia Grainger, 22, Taryn Bledsoe, 22, and Hannah Seay, 21 were part of Appalachian State University’s social justice crowd. The meaning of what happened to them goes beyond the vandalism in downtown Boone. It was the endpoint of the indoctrination into extremism on campuses across the country that transforms students into vandals and violent protesters.


[…]Julia Grainger is the Director of Marketing for the Appalachian Social Justice Educators club. ASJE is the center of social justice radicalization at ASU. Its logo is a black power fist. Julia had made headlines in the past for attacking a fraternity’s efforts to combat sexual assault. She had denounced fraternities as, “hyper-masculine, rape culture perpetrating cesspools” and their members as, “sexist, racist, homophobic, ignorant trash.”



[…]While Appalachian may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of radical campuses, leftist radicalism had become deeply embedded in the former teacher’s college. Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies at ASU is headed by Kim Q. Hall. Hall was the co-author of “Whiteness” which encouraged “resistance” to whiteness. The ASU campus features a “Tunnel of Oppression”.


[…]Instead of protecting students from social justice hate, ASU administrators instead chose to intimidate them. A Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) was rolled out to deal with “unwelcome” speech.

But when actual criminal acts are committed by social justice activists, administrations ignore them. They have to because the ugly truth is that left-wing hate on campus does not come from without, but from within. The women who vandalized local businesses and the campus had been radicalized on campus. When ASU administrators refused to denounce hateful acts, such as the privilege hate boards, they opened the door for their racist messages being scrawled on a larger and more illegal scale.

When the Boone police department announced that the women had been identified, social media messages from other radical students cheered the perpetrators. The supporters had social media profiles touting everything from white privilege to the black panthers to white genocide.  


I’m a big fan of Watauga County.  It’s a home away from home for me.  The area around Boone and Blowing Rock is one of the most serene, relaxing, culture-filled scenic venues in the state.

So, it troubles me to see what’s going on at App..   First of all, things have been rather soap opera-ish at the top of the food chain there.  The most-recent-past chancellor left under a cloud of mystery.  (Some details about that will be forthcoming on this site.)  The latest chancellor — one Shari Everts —  is a fire-breathing radical feminist whose tenure has been marked with a spike in on-campus violence and student deaths, an on-campus political campaign aimed at shaming white men, crony capitalist business dealings involving administration figures, and an appalling lack of ethics.  

There have been reports of black mobs harassing students on campus who dare to show support for Donald Trump.  And the mob gets protective cover from the administration.    Here is some video of the leftist intimidation in action. 

Chancellor Everts anted things up by hiring a “chief diversity officer.”   This Barack Obama wannabe has been quite open about his agitation agenda for the Boone campus.

Not long after this dude got hired bulletin boards began appearing around campus trumpeting the *threat to humanity* represented by white males.

The 2014-2015 academic year saw a record NINE student deaths at the Boone campus.    2016 saw at least one on-campus shooting and a drug overdose.  Yep, these are the peaceful serene North Carolina mountains we’re talking about. The radical left is turning beautiful Boone into Durham. 

Our site exposed a nasty piece of cronyism —  one of questionable legality — involving a university administrator and a private business he also presided over.    We also learned that a university administrator’s brother helps oversee the auditing of the university administration.  Quite cozy.  Quite ethically — and legally — questionable.  

A recent past chairman of the university’s board, Brad Adcock, is now a close adviser to Governor Roy Cooper. So, expect NO HELP from the executive branch.  Josh Stein, Roy’s little buddy, now occupies the attorney general’s office.  So, expect no help from him.

So, what can be done?  Adopt some of the left’s tactics.  Boycott App.  Stop sending your kids and your hard-earned money there.  Alumni, STOP donating.  Legislators can be pressured to stop appointing big donor seat-warmers to App’s board, and start appointing people seriously interested in cleaning up that swamp.

We fund this hot mess with our tax dollars.  We deserve better. If our “leaders” won’t help, we need to take the initiative.


10 thoughts on “Drain the Swamp: The flaming HOT MESS at Appalachian State

  1. Great column, but it’s a lost cause. The NC GOP elites have sold us out. They are perfectly content with the radical leftist control of the UNC system, including ASU. In fact, they encourage it. The RINOs appointed to the UNC Board of Governors and the ASU trustee board could care less. They are just lap dogs for the leftist administrators and faculty–but they do enjoy the “prestige” of their appointments. How wonderful. McCrory, Berger, Tillis, and Moore–along with their legislative minions–have sold us down the river. Sadly, they have also destroyed any hope for conservatism in the Tarheel State. RIP.

    1. Come on Allan…. you really blame this on NCGOP elites? I place the blame where itbelongs….on the kids’ parents, lack of family values, and progressive liberalism.

  2. I would not send my children there anyway. But, if we boycott all the campuses of the university system that have wacky goings on and corrupt progressives running them, then we are going to run out of places to send our children to school.

  3. My advice to Republican and conservative parents—do not send your kids to ASU!! It has become a hotbed of secular left politics. The chancellor is as liberal as they come. The faculty will pollute your kids’ minds with BLM and George Soros fanaticism. This is tough medicine but we cannot count on the Republican legislature to do anything about this. Very sad, but true.

  4. The problem is that these brainless people vote here in Watuaga County in local elections. They continually help the small progressives maintain control of the town and occasionally control of the county governments by coming here voting and then leaving. The Republican Board of Elections was no help as they required the local BOE to place an early voting site on campus in a building where it is impossible to control politicking in the building. The snowflakes couldn’t be bothered to walk two blocks to where everybody else votes. I know you want conservatives to boycott but I would rather the liberals stop sending their kids up here and ruining our mountain community and our traditional values.

    1. The last State Board of Elections were pathetic jokes. They were the names sent in by the senile ”Grandpa” Robin Hayes in the waning days of his previous incarnation as state GOP chairman. They are one of many reasons why the Central Committee clique imposing Hayes on us again was a massive insult to GOP activists.

      There are damn few on the Central Committee that should ever hold office in the GOP again. They are a disgrace. And Hayes should have been put out to pasture permanently a long time ago.

  5. Here is what is happening at ASU and every other campus in the UNC system—The GOP legislature elects the UNC Board of Governors (BOG). The BOG in turn elects trustees for all the UNC campuses. The BOG is totally RINO Republican. So, what happens? The RINO BOG appoints the meanest Democrats and stupidest Republicans to the campus boards of trustees throughout the UNC system. For the most part, the BOG simply appoints the names submitted by the radical chancellors. This is why ASU keeps getting worse and worse. Same with the other campuses. The Governor also has a few appointments to UNC system schools. Unfortunately, McCrory’s appointments were simply awful–mostly RINO Republicans. This is why our state campuses are in radical leftist turmoil today. The Democrats are often called the “evil party” and the Republicans, the “stupid party.” Nowhere is that more true than in North Carolina, especially when it comes to running the UNC system. It’s probably too late now for the NC GOP to turn things around. The GOP has given the radical left permanent control of the UNC system. Republicans simply have no idea how to govern. McCrory was the worst, but the state legislature isn’t much better.

    1. The BOG is a huge mess, with House appointments being much worse than those from the Senate. Tillis was selling seats for contributions to his Senate campaign, an act of total corruption, so those appointees were clearly bad. But some RINO’s in the legislature like Nelson Dollar, who successfully pushed a very liberal Democrat for a seat saying ”he’s black and he’s been there before”, are also to blame. Moore has not been much better than Tillis.

  6. The real breakdown in the system is the liberal inbred parents who send their children to academia USA and these children are shamed and scammed into believing the Far Left Views of Everything! These professors should be ashamed of pontificating their unbridled New York-California liberal foolishness. We can best drain this swamp by being better parents to our growing adolescents and offering them the “Conservative COUNTERPOINT” before they get to college!!! Both my daughters had the backbone to stand up when this continual onslaught was flung upon them!

  7. I have talked to a lot of parents who are looking for alternatives outside the UNC system for their kids’ college education. The UNC campuses have all become so rabidly leftwing that both conservative parents and conservative students no longer want to go there. It has also become increasingly clear that Margaret Spellings and the GOP legislature are doing nothing to change the situation. In any event, there are alternatives to the UNC system schools.

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