It was a battle over bathrooms that was threatening to shake us to our cultural and economic core.  The City of Charlotte, ever the lapdog to the Gay Mafia and its stormtroopers, decided to outlaw the idea of gender-segregated restrooms and locker rooms. The General Assembly and the governor, who happened to be a Charlotte resident, responded by reminding Charlotte that (1) they were in violation of the state constitution and (2) the state was prepared to come in with legislation to reverse their efforts.  (The state constitution says “local bills” must be submitted to the General Assembly for approval on local ordinance changes.) 

Never mind the radical concept of fining someone out of business who tries to maintain gender-segregated locker rooms and bathrooms.  The real radical behavior – the Democrats and their accomplices in the faux media tried to us — was attempting to preserve gender-segregation.  HB2 didn’t really change anything. It basically said ‘We’re sticking with what we got.’

Outside groups came into the state and made a huge stink.  You would have thought we were fighting the second coming of Jim Crow.  People were painted as bigots for daring to support a bill that KEPT THINGS as they’ve been for generations.  

Now that the smoke from the November elections has cleared, and a lazy bastard named Roy Cooper has stumbled into the governor’s office, we’re finding out that HB2 wasn’t such a big deal after all: 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – North Carolina’s incoming governor said that legislators are planning to hold a special session to repeal a law limiting protections for LGBT people.

Governor-elect Roy Cooper issued a statement Monday, saying legislators plan to hold the session this week on the law known as HB2 because Charlotte repealed a local nondiscrimination ordinance that Republicans blamed for the statewide law.
The Charlotte City Council met Monday and voted unanimously to repeal the ordinance enacted in early 2016.

However, the council’s move is contingent on North Carolina legislators fully repealing HB2 by Dec. 31.


Council discussed and voted on the repeal without any public mention of it ahead of time.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts was clear that negotiations have been ongoing behind closed doors, involving incoming Cooper and state lawmakers.

“This is an incredible reaching out of the city and it took incredible conversation and hard work by many parties on all sides,” Roberts said.

The repeal would be a remarkable sign of cooperation for Democrat Cooper and the GOP-controlled legislature. Just last week, lawmakers called a special session and stripped Cooper of some of his authority when he takes office next month.

While city leaders didn’t have to repeal the ordinance in order for the general assembly to repeal HB2, some lawmakers said it paves the way for a repeal — but they wish a deadline wasn’t attached.

“With the Charlotte ordinance no longer on the books, the concerns that were raised by that ordinance, which were the concerns addressed by HB2, would no longer be relevant,” said Rep. Bill Brawley. “HB2 would no longer be necessary.”

“There have been several opportunities to repeal this ordinance and several opportunities to repeal House Bill 2 and so hopefully we’ll eventually get it done at the end of the year,” Mecklenburg County Rep. Joel Ford said.

HB2 requires people to use restrooms in many public buildings corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates and excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from statewide anti-discrimination protections.
Cooper said North Carolina legislators will meet to repeal the law, and released the following statement on the vote:

“Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore assured me that as a result of Charlotte’s vote, a special session will be called for Tuesday to repeal HB2 in full. I hope they will keep their word to me and with the help of Democrats in the legislature, HB2 will be repealed in full. Full repeal will help to bring jobs, sports and entertainment events back and will provide the opportunity for strong LGBT protections in our state.”

Let’s go back to the point about Charlotte’s initial move being unconstitutional.  Now, WHO is responsible for dealing with actions that violate the state constitution?  Why, the elected attorney general.  If he refuses to do his job, as he has soooooo often,  the state has to shell out money to go to court itself.

So, Roy Cooper neglects one of the primary responsibilities of his job.  Gets caught lobbying businesses to avoid North Carolina because of HB2.  He spends nearly a whole year lying about HB2 to voters.  Now, the drive by media is ready to coronate him as a HERO.

So, what happens now — after HB2 is repealed — and, say, Carrboro tries something similar?  We have ANOTHER useless bastard in the attorney general’s office who likely ignores it.  And we’re right back into it.

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  1. Remember Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, who spoke at the RNC Convention but wouldn’t bring his business to NC because of HB2? Well, he is now serving on Trump’s Transition Team. Now that McCrory is trying to land himself a spot in the Trump administration I wonder if the sudden need to repeal HB2 has any ties to McCrory sealing the deal on that Trump appointment. It would be interesting to see how quickly McCrory’s appointment will be announced after HB2 is repealed. I will be keeping a close eye on it.

    1. I am not sure what impact Peter Thiel had on the PayPal decision to drop Charlotte since it was announced by CEO Dan Shulman.

  2. This bathroom gambit is not over, and the GOP leadership are idiots if they fall into this trap. You are absolutely right that some other liberal local government will try the same ploy and put us right back where we were, but with as grandstanding ultra-liberal governor instead of a waffling moderate one. Asheville was actually looking at a similar ordinance when Charlotte pulled the trigger first. And the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have a similar policy waiting in the wings. Running scared on this issue will not end well for the GOP legislature. They will just have to fight the battle again on other turf or let the extreme left pull a fast one on us and destroy the privacy of our women folk and little girls, which would be absolutely shameful.

    Thanks a lot, Governor McCrory for stabbing conservatives, Christians, and NC women and girls in the back on this one.

    This vote will seperate the men from the girly men among GOP legislators. The girly men should all get primaries.

  3. Don’t repeal HB2 it is our protection and assurance that these communist pinkos will not try to do this same scenario through some other municipality. If the HB2 opposer’s want to have HB2 repealed, Josh Stein the New North Carolina Attorney General should first have to win a case repealing the Charlotte Ordinance.

  4. Posted in Pilot
    Walter B Bull Jr · Escuela de Negocios Wharton
    Why would lame duck Pat McCrory call a special session to hurry up and repeal HB 2. Bad move Pat- you should refer to Peanuts- Charlie Brown and Lucy holding a football for him to kick. The Dems, left wing press and voters for NC governor recently have spoken about so called rights that offend a lot more people than they help (?). The governor elect is no ball of fire, the Legislature is veto proof and matters that will be coming down from a Trump administration will require a clear headed General Assembly. I support the position of Jamie, Allen and Jerry. WBBJr

  5. The repeal by the Charlotte City Council is a sham. It is conditional, and therefore, worthless. The Charlotte ordinance is not “no longer on the books” unless we repeal HB 2. How many other unconstitutional acts by local governments are waiting in the wings, counting on the full support of Cooper and Stein? I would never vote to repeal HB 2 under any circumstances; and I am certainly not going to take the bait here. Some are saying we have to repeal because of what the Fourth Circuit Court will do if we don’t. I am not responsible for what the courts do. I am responsible for what I do. I will not betray our people by voting to repeal HB 2. There is a MAJORITY OF ONE who wouldn’t like it if I did. I will not let Him down, especially just before celebrating His birth this coming Sunday.

    1. Just leave it to the Fourth Circuit then, Larry. Your choice is half a loaf today, or nothing but crumbs, once the 4th Circuit makes its ruling.

      1. By the time it gets to the Supreme Court, we will have a conservative court. Scare stories about the 4th Circuit Circus are nonsense.

    2. Deuteronomy 23:12-14 contain His instructions to mankind about proper bathroom behavior. Ever considered codifying it into a House Bill, Larry Pittman?

  6. A smart consultant, if either caucus employs such a critter, would figure out exactly what the Democrats are up to with this maneuver. Of course, McCrory has not exactly set the world on fire with having anyone with any political savvy in his entourage, but Phil Berger and his crew usually show a sense of political gumption.

    The situation is simple. GOP legislators are facing a potential special election in 2017 (hopefully saner heads will prevail in the courts and it will not happen, but right now it is scheduled) when the only draw for voters will be the legislative races. It will be a low turnout election and turning out one’s base is critical.

    Christian conservatives are a big part of the GOP base in NC, and HB2 is a huge issue for them. Groups like the Christian Action League have pushed hard on it, and will continue to do so:

    If GOP legislators kick Christian conservatives in the teeth on one of their biggest issues, do they really expect Christian conservatives to be motivated to turn out for them in a special election where the legislature is the main thing on the ballot? There is an old saying in politics that you do not piss on your base. The Democrats are trying to get our legislators to piss all over their base to hurt GOP turnout if the 2017 special election happens.

    Our GOP legislators need to fully think this one through. Cooper and the Democrats are not their friends, and neither, so it seems, is McCrory.


  7. Any republican legislator that votes to repeal HB2 should also at the same time repeal the R off their voter registration

  8. The key to Wednesday will be how many Benedict Arnold Surrender Monkeys we have in the GOP caucus. The Democrats will vote solidly for their side’s War on Women and Little Girls but how many pro-weirdo Republican surrender monkeys will join them? We can only hope that conservatives will hold the line and save the day, but even with the short time period that McCrory has forced upon us, we need to put the heat to any who may be wavering. McCrory is an absolute scoundrel for plotting with the Democrats to give the conservative grassroots so little time. McCrory is deliberately giving aid and comfort to the enemy with this snap session. His action is despicable and I regret it that I voted for him.

    When the smoke clears, if we win, we still need to take names and kick ass in the primaries of those who sell conservatives out. If traitors and cowards allow the Democrats to carry the day, then it takes it to a higher level. Then the mission will be to totally destroy any turncoat Republicans, and that includes the general election as well as the primaries. A Republican traitor is no better than a Democrat and is indeed worse. It is better to be stabbed in the front than stabbed in the back.

  9. Democrat LIE and the Charlotte city council of chock-full of DEMOCRATS. Therefore, we can have NO confidence they will NOT pass another bathroom ordinance. LEAVE HB2 as-is, and show Cooper just where he stands with his likely authority as Governor of NC.

    1. This is getting as bad as Boehner / Ryan and McConnell caving in to Obama. First they cave in by not expanding the Supreme Court. Now they are on the verge of caving in on HB2. Has Phil Berger misplaced his ‘nads? We all know that Tim Moore never had any to begin with in dealing with the Democrats.

  10. I’ve read that this session is a special maneuver by McCrory to win a seat as Trump’s Director of FEMA. If McCrory is successful, he’ll win that job. What’s in it for TImmy and Phil? Well, the FEMA director gets to dole out large sums of money for disaster relief. NC gets a hurricane every 3 years or so. And Republican leaders believe with Pat at the FEMA helm, they can buy the Eastern NC votes for their party.

    Also, they’ll be spared from the FEMA concentration camps!

  11. How is this going to work for GOP legislators who vote with the Democrats? They will have filing for a new primary a few months after they have made lots of conservatives in their districts very angry. That will generate primary opponents, and in a very low turnout primary, those angry conservatives will be the motivated people who go to the polls and kick them out for what they have done.

    McCrory is offering them a suicide pact, and the smart ones will run, not walk, away from it.

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