Ashli Babbit’s killer set to be promoted by Capitol Police. YOUR MOVE, House Republican majority.

We’ve all seen the footage of Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd fatally shooting unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt in the US Capitol on January 6.  (Here it is, just in case.). All kinds of testimony from that day indicates that Babbitt was attempting to help calm things – not stir up trouble.  Byrd and the police are trying to say Babbitt was a threat to Byrd – ignoring commands to stop.

The problem?  Babbitt was climbing through a window adjacent to the door to the Capitol’s Speaker’s Lobby when she was shot. Byrd was a safe distance away from her.  There was so much commotion that I doubt anyone could have heard a command to ‘Stop’ — much less determine that it was meant for them.

Byrd has told the media he shot at Babbitt and the others to ‘save lives.’  What American police organization trains their people to open fire on unarmed people?  Tear gas and pepper spray are much less lethal, but effective, methods for subduing or dispersing a crowd. 

There is not one piece of evidence to suggest Babbitt was ever a threat to Byrd.  In the real world, an officer who did what he did might have at least lost his job.  Might have been charged with or convicted of a crime.  But no. This guy is set to be PROMOTED.

The Capitol Police answer to the US House Speaker and the House majority.  When this travesty went down, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats ran things.  Now, Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans are running things.

Our very own congressman Dan Bishop was, at one time, asking a lot of tough questions about January 6.  He’s gotten very quiet about the subject now that he’s running to be North Carolina’s top prosecutor.  Questioning Michael Byrd’s promotion and continued employment – in the wake of this travesty – looks like an excellent way to sell yourself to the electorate.   Should I hold my breath waiting for this to happen?

Bishop was our best hope in our congressional delegation. If he’s going silent, NO ONE ELSE is going to say a word.   (Richard Hudson is more scared of offending Kevin McCarthy than he is of us.) 

Sitting silently while uncharged and /or untried Trump supporters rot in Third World fashion in federal prison  is another travesty.  People are more than ever wary of their doors being kicked down by cops simply for being Trump supporters.

Mark Meadows got indicted for seeking a phone number his boss wanted.  How long do we sit quietly by and clap like seals for our alleged GOP heroes?