#ncga: The wit and,um, “wisdom” of Tricia Cotham

wwBless her heart. She’s always so well-coiffed and has a great smile. Her mama does a great job on the Mecklenburg County board.  Tricia Cotham tries really, really hard.  (It’s a lot of pressure filling the shoes of JIM BLACK in the North Carolina House.)

Loyal readers may remember that we visited with Tricia and her BFF Susi from Wilmington a little while ago. 

Well, Tricia has a day job in addition to her House duties.  She works for the Mecklenburg schools   But she spends an awful lot of time away from that job and in Raleigh ON TWITTER.  Here are some of the finer, more profound examples of her, um, “work”:



O-kay.  And this one, of course:


Nope.  No it’s not.  It will be THANKSGIVING. 


Why, yes it WAS.  Remembered your name and everything, huh? (Though, it WAS to ask you to turn off the smartphone and STOP tweeting.) 


Um, is she getting paid per diem while waiting on this rainbow? 


Mmm-hmm.  And he’s NOT REAL. 


(Memo to self: Check that bloated House budget for line items referencing “fancy chairs.”) 

Folks, we did not make this up.  This  is not a parody account.  (At least as far as we can tell.)   But you folks in Matthews ought to be proud.  You’ve replaced that weasel with a very nice young lady.  (Who LOVES her some Twitter.)


5 thoughts on “#ncga: The wit and,um, “wisdom” of Tricia Cotham

  1. Too funny. I gotta say, though, Jeff Tarte gives her a run for her money on social media… wit and wisdom…? At least Cotham’s posts come across as generally coherent.

  2. Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham (Democrat) has done amazing things in regards to helping the citizens fight against toll lanes. She has won great respect among area Republicans. Our Republican representatives in the General Assembly? Not so much.

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