#ncga: The trials and tribulations of Tricia (on Twitter)


Things are kind of slow over on Jones Street now.  So, we’re expecting a lot of great things out of Tricia Cothama little left-wing lady with BIG dreams  Tricia LOVES her some Twitter.  We’ve chronicled some of her past hash-tagged wisdom.  That was such a hit that we thought we’d do a sequel.


Just in time for Christmas, eh? 


If the Meek-Cotham family stays home more — NONE.  But seriously, liberalized concealed-carry laws would help a lot.  How many of those cowardly scumbags would dare to open fire in a public place if they thought — even for a second – – that five or ten bystanders are packing heat and prepared to use it?


Sign of WHAT? WHAT? Tell us.


Yep.  Wednesday normally comes right after TUESDAY. (Good job.) 


Yeah.  I think you hear me knocking.  

1 thought on “#ncga: The trials and tribulations of Tricia (on Twitter)

  1. Dear Tricia: In all of thee mass shootings, (Charleston, Fort Hood, Newtown, Aurora, Columbine et al), how many of these lunatics were members of the NRA?
    Answer: NONE!
    Would it surprise you to know that the 5,000 members of the NRA are LAW ABIDING gun owners?
    Answer: Be-dee, Ba-dum.
    In all these mass shootings, did the lunatics pick said venues because they knew there would be no law abiding gun owners present who could stop them?
    Answer: Duh, I guess.
    ERGO: Would it then be reasonable that Hussein Obama and the Hildabeast’s calls for more “gun control” would not have done anything to stop these “mass shooting scum bags; but the presence of (retired cops/military) security guards with handguns would have stopped them?
    Answer: But, (boo-hoo, mamby-pamby) that means they would have to shoot these poor misguided individuals with GUNS?
    YEP, that’s God Damn Right!
    Do you think you could qualify for a Cabinet Position in the Obama Regime?
    Answer: “I’m just as qualified as the ones who are in there now!”
    Thank me very much!

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