#ncga: GOPers celebrated by solar subsidy lobby

The folks who have feasted in our wallets for years to fund their solar energy follies spend time this past week celebrating the NCGA Republicans who have been so good to them.  The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) honored state Reps. Chuck McGrady (R-Asheville) and Jason Saine (R-Tom James Co.),  And senators Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph and Moore), Brent Jackson (R-Autryville) and Jeff Tarte (R-Mecklenburg) as LEGISLATORS OF THE YEAR.

These guys were hailed for confiscating my and your money to subsidize something that could not possibly survive on its own wiimages-6thout funding confiscated from us. (Even though the NCGOP party platform specifically called for the elimination of such deals.)   People like this who sell out the GOP’s limited government message for a little cronyism and some dirty money make us sick around here.

If you’re looking for some good candidates to primary, these FIVE would be a great group to start with. 

4 thoughts on “#ncga: GOPers celebrated by solar subsidy lobby

  1. Thanks for publicizing this. My Senator being on the list lets me know I need to vote democrap next time. That plus I believe he voted for tearing down the voter ID bill. In this case I would rather vote for someone I know I disagree with instead of someone whom I should agree with but become disappointed with every vote.

  2. This should be a target list for conservatives to primary these progressive Obama Republicans. Tillman’s claim to be a conservative seems as phony as a three dollar bill. Tarte has lots of bad legislation, but it is the I77 tolls that should get him gone. Ditto Saine and his clothes.

  3. The progressive agenda is moving forward these days largely thanks to progressive Republicans who are willing to back President Obama’s agenda instead of that silly old Republican platform. They really want to reach across the aisle to help save polar bears and to welcome the undocumented immigrants, and otherwise promote the progressive cause.

    We progressives are thankful to these Republican progressives who are helping change America.

    Rep. Chuck McGrady is a particular treasure for progressives. He is a former national leader of the Sierra Club, part of our hard core environmental movement. It is amazing that we have someone as progressive as he is sitting in a GOP legislative seat.

    Rep. Jason Saine votes for all of our causes. Sometimes, we think it may be in order to get our contribution money to pay for his gorgeous wardrobe, but no matter, he consistently votes for progressive causes and President Obama’s agenda.

    We should have given an honorable mention to Speaker Tim Moore, who is totally in our pocket, but he probably wants to try to stay under the radar.

    Senator Jeff Tarte was Thom Tillis’ guy, so one would expect him to have some progressive leanings, and he sure has shown them. On a side note, Sen. Tarte’s efforts will probably also keep any polar bears from being run over on I-77. I am sure President Obama is pleased with Sen. Tarte’s help for his agenda.

    Senator Jerry Tillman has been our inside guy in Senator Berger’s organization. Some of the rubes in his district even still believe he is actually a conservative in spite of his record of pushing key progressive legislation. Tillman will even go against his own written political promises to conservative organizations in order to promote President Obama’s agenda on green energy.

    With help from guys like these, we will enact policies that will cause electric rates to, using President Obama’s own words, ”necessarily skyrocket”. When you can’t afford air conditioning, that will mean less energy use, and help save the polar bears.

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