#ncga: GOPer Brown leaving Jones St. to work for Thillis

The GOP caucus in the North Carolina House will have one less familiar face when the  next session starts up.  State Rep. Brian Brown (R-Pitt) released this info to his colleagues: 655

From: Rep. Brian Brown 
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 2:22 PM
To: @House/Members; @Senate/Members
Subject: Rep. Brian Brown

Friends and colleagues,


I am pleased to inform you that I have accepted a position as Senator Tillis’ Eastern North Carolina regional representative, and am stepping down as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives effective today.


It has been a tremendous honor to represent the people of Pitt County in the General Assembly, and a humbling opportunity to serve as the chairman of both the Health Committee and the Committee on University Education.


I am excited to join Senator Tillis’ talented and dedicated staff to now serve all of Eastern North Carolina by assisting communities across the region and helping Senator Tillis build on the progress he has already made on military, veterans, agriculture, and coastal issues.thompoint


I wish each and every member of the General Assembly all the best, and I look forward to continue working with you as part of North Carolina’s team.




Brian M. Brown

Dedicated readers of this site may remember our coverage of Brown from the last campaign cycle.   He had all kinds of issues with keeping his campaign books. And it appeared a NCGOP staffer was helping his primary campaign in that department. 

Sources tell me Brown’s close ties to some very deep pockets in eastern North Carolina are what made him so gosh-darned attractive to Thillis. 

22 thoughts on “#ncga: GOPer Brown leaving Jones St. to work for Thillis

  1. So, rep. Brown believes Thom’s advancement of Obama’s agenda is progress. I wonder what he is most proud of? Could it be his cloture vote for Loretta Lynch? Oh, maybe it’s Thom’svote for OBAMATRADE. Maybe it’s his support of the 60 vote majority instead of the 51 vote imposed by Reid. It’s funny I can’t think of one thing I am proud or agree with Thommy Cloture on.

  2. Thom Hagan. On every major issue selling the country and our sovereignty. Hey, but we voted Republican to save America, right?

    1. When it comes to the life of the unborn children, Senator Tillis is 100%.

      Anyone who believes Hagan is superior to Tillis should not consider himself or herself either prolife or conservative.

      1. Oh? Is that why Tillis voted for cloture a few days ago to cut off amendments, such as the one proposed by conservatives to defund Planned Parenthood, in the CR, and then voted for the CR that funded Planned Parenthood? Tillis is nothing but a poseur. Like his puppetmaster McConnell, Tillis is all talk and no do.

      2. Thom is voting as Kay would have confirmations , Obama trade, and funding Planned Parenthood. I see no difference.

      3. You are either a liar or have no understanding of the issues. Thom Tillis is a failure with a 33% conservative review score! Do you consider Bernie Sanders conservative, too? Because Thom is 16 points away from Bernie! WAKE UP!

        1. hey I have respect for Bernie he has been consistent in his beliefs and his beliefs do not change with poll numbers. when voters vote for him they know what they are going to get. Even though I disagree with everything he believes he is more honorable being truthful about what he stands for then most elected officials.

        2. Please don’t call me a liar just because you disagree with me. Your approach to political discourse only hurts your efforts and hinders the ability of people working for conservative values to make changes.

          I have been a single issue prolife voter for 30 years. I am grateful for legislators at both the federal and state levels who actually approach the prolife issue as not only a matter of life and death but who also use the brains God gave them and actually approach legislation making as a long-term process rather than just get involved in feel-good pointless exercises that make a few so-called activists feel good but that accomplish nothing except hurt the prolife cause overall.

          If there was ANY chance that a CR that defunded PP had a chance to actually pass, im sure the Senate (and Tillis) and the House would have actually passed it. Don’t confuse picking and choosing your battles with cowardice or lack of conviction. It is not the same thing.

          1. The problem is that the GOP leadership refuses to fight. You never have a chance to win if you don’t fight. Force Obama to veto it. Make it an issue. Tillis supports the preemptive surrender strategy of Mitch McConnell on everything.

            Sen. Ted Cruz really put a spot light on the failure of the GOP leadership in this recent speech:


          2. Here is a three minute excerpt of the Cruz speech made on the floor of the Senate which has been made into an ad by the Senate Conservatives Fund. If you do not have an hour to listen to the entire speech, this gets to the meat of the matter:


            Tillis and Burr are part of the McConnell surrender monkey team. McConnell needs to go the way of Boehner.

          3. “If there was ANY chance that a CR that defunded PP had a chance to actually pass, im sure the Senate (and Tillis) and the House would have actually passed it. Don’t confuse picking and choosing your battles with cowardice or lack of conviction. It is not the same thing.”

            Its chance of passage or not, is no excuse for supporting it in the first place. In case you haven’t noticed, since 2010, Republicans in Washington have chosen no battles, period. Collusion with the enemy and outright surrender have been the daily routine.

      4. 100% in Common Core is different than 100% in the real world. We have a true 100% pro life OB/GYN who fights that fight of no exceptions for abortions on a daily basis. Even the NRTL people use Common Core math. I’m of the real world and choose the real leader in prolife and that is Greg Brannon. Greg has made it his life’s work to fight for the unborn, to help those women faced with an unwanted pregnancy to choose life. He does more than donate money or attend high dollar breakfasts to listen to ways to fight abortion. He is 100% prolife and devotes 100% of his life to the cause. That is the defininiton of 100% prolife!


        1. Well, Brannon would have been a true prolife warrior but no more so than Senator Tillis has been.

          1. No, you are wrong. Thill is was honest in his exceptions….he has them. Brannon does not. There is a huge difference!

  3. A fitting representative for Tillis, as they are both Obama Republicans.

    Brian Brown is a progressive who voted for NC drivers licenses for illegal aliens, many corporate welfare giveaways, most obnoxiously to Obama’s renewable energy scam, HB373, and lots of other progressive legislation.

    Brian Brown has been working in Raleigh to save the Obama agenda while Tillis has been working in DC to do so. What is the old saying about birds of a feather? Neither one bothers to support the GOP platform.

  4. Getting SO pissed with Thillis AND Burrnt

    Somebody needs to grab them and shake the shite outta them!

  5. I don’t think I have heard people on this site say one positive thing regarding Republicans at the GA, that through implication or explicit criticism, that they didn’t walk back. As an example…The Senate that was strong as were a small clique of conservatives in the House then betrayed y’all in the budget. They were called out on this site.. not for an error or lapse of judgment but intentionally hurting true believers everywhere… On one occasion through implication you called out even Larry Pittman… poor guy.. Your lack of reflection or balance is amazing. Finally there is a ton of good things the GA have done since the Republicans took over and you oughta be appreciative.. and about Rep. Brown… at least he stood and was counted. Didn’t always agree with him, but he has principles and there is something to be said for that. Finally seeing that he’s leaving maybe a little fake respect and phoney good behavior should be shown by you.

    1. Please share with us what you are so proud of in the GA?,Brian Brown stood up for what? Drivers License for illegals?

    2. August, thank you.

      We have lots of traitors in the GA. Rep. Pittman in the House and the entire Senate leadership are not some of them!

    3. You are so right, Wolf. Brian Brown was a good progressive who wanted to save the Polar Bears, and helped push President Obama’s agenda in the NC legislature on key things like green energy and normalizing life for the undocumented immigrants. He realized that backing President Obama’s agenda instead of the silly old Republican platform was the way forward.

      We progressives are sorry to see him go from the legislature, but now our side has yet another ”in” to Thom Tillis. And we suspect that he is taking this job to get exposure to tun for Walter Jones seat in 2018, which would give us one more progressive in the US House GOP caucus. For those of you who like Renee Ellmers, you will love Brian Brown.

      These days, the progressive movement goes forward largely through the efforts of progressive Republicans like Brian Brown and Tim Moore.

  6. Give Brian some credit. He is a good guy who sponsored many local community breakfasts where he gave away free breakfast. And we got eggs and bacon and sausages.

    Brian can see the Republican wave fading back out to sea. Once NC gets computer generated redistricting the GOP will be back to holding court at the local coffee shop and talking about the old days.

    Brian is smart enough to know that soon the GOP will be walking the “Green Mile.” Kudos for Brian to be smart enough to jump on board Tholl Rhoad Thom’s Theam. Hopefully we can get some tholl rhoads in Eastern NC now because we sure could use the money. Do you make any money on tholl rhoads if nobody drives on them?

    Greenville is a college town and really needs a liberal rep who doesn’t eat pork for breakfast.

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