#nc03: Walter wants to KNOW

wj3Congressman Walter Jones is tossing his two cents into the discussion about selecting the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives:

Chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Republican Conference
203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Dear Chairman McMorris Rodgers,

In the next several weeks the House will hold elections to pick a new Speaker of the House, a new majority leader, and a new majority whip. In a time when confidence in Congress has reached a new low and voters across America want their elected leaders to listen to them instead of special interests, the House of Representatives and the Republican Conference in particular can take a step in that direction and elect a Speaker who will restore a transparent process to the operations of the House.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving the third district of North Carolina for the past 20 years in Congress. Some of the most difficult times have been when our Republican leaders or potential Republican leaders must step down because of skeletons in their closets. We’ve seen it with former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rep. Bob Livingston, who ran for Speaker in 1998.

With all the voter distrust of Washington felt around the country, I’m asking that any candidate for Speaker of the House, majority leader, and majority whip withdraw himself from the leadership election if there are any misdeeds he has committed since joining Congress that will embarrass himself, the Republican Conference, and the House of Representatives if they become public. ellm

Madam Chairman, if you agree with me, include my request in the agenda items we discuss in the Conference while we hold the leadership elections.

The House leadership team holds great responsibility, and the individuals on the team should be able to serve with the utmost integrity. As members of the House of Representatives, we need to be able to represent the will of the people unhindered by potentially embarrassing scandals.

I am hoping and praying that the leadership election in the coming weeks will usher in the positive change this chamber needs and that the American people so desperately want to see. It is time we follow the will of the people who put us here, rather than ourselves and the special interests.

Hmmm.  That part we’ve highlighted might make one think Mr. Jones is referencing this story that mentions Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and ONE of Jones’s colleagues in the North Carolina delegation.  After all, Livingston — who is cited in Jones’s letter — quit over reports of an extramarital affair.  

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  1. The Former Democratic State house member makes a good point. I wonder if it’s worth contacting Holding and asking that he support Rep Jones notion.

    1. As a Democrat State House member, Walter Jones voted to overthrow the arrogant liberal Democrat House Speaker Liston Ramsey and in a team effort between the GOP caucus and a small group of conservative and/or reform Democrats elected conservative Democrat Joe Mavretic as Speaker, with the GOP getting a lot of committee chairmanships in the coalition.

      Walter Jones stood up for the people and for conservative principles even when he was a Democrat.

      1. So true it is not about being a D or a R it is about fighting for what is RIGHT over wrong what is Goodness over evil

        we used to only debate how to do the Right thing so Goodness can win But now we do not agree on what is Good so the fight now is the trying to keep Evil at bay

      2. Jones comes from a family tradition of conservative public service. So proud to have him come from NC!

      1. Nor should he.

        What he should do is develop a conscience and embrace conservative values from his heart and then vote accordingly.

    2. You mean George Holding, the guy who is currently stating send me back to Washington and I will cut, cut,cut, federal spending. But, as soon as he gets reflected proceeds to fund illegal amnesty, Obama care, More money for the EPA, ect. Who knew that under this Rino delegation the EPA is now controlling mud puddles and ditches.?
      I would not waste my breath on calling George Holding. He is the true meaning of an establishment, disingenuous RINO! Holding is rated POOR with a conservative review score of 65.a Little better than NeNe and Maxine Waters.

      1. Well, the Wayne and Wilson GOPers think he walks on water, so unless Wake County’s rate of blue-ing accelerates faster than expected, we’re stuck with him for a few more election cycles.

  2. If everyone really loves um some Walter, put some sweat equity where your keystroke is and help Walter’s Grassroots Troops cover every precinct in the District with electioneer volunteers.

    Contact Lindy Robinson, our Ground Game General, to learn how you can help win one more time for Real Change of Leadership. Real Change in Government.

    Walter’s ground game has never been this strong so early, but we need more Key People. There is a R3voLution taking place and folks like Walter and Meadows need their rear guards covered.

    What would your answer be to your grandkids when they ask you, “when the last calls to defend our freedom came and went, what did you say? What did you do?” May it be said and written of me, “I joined the Peaceful R3voLution!”

    Todd Bennett

    1. This story is like empty calories but really juicy and fun,because one of the people gossiped about is suspect and the other untrusted and disliked. I met Ellmers once and had a long conversation. Believe me I get it, but we cant eat our own without substantiated proof or at least a witness. The Dems protect and/or applaud theirs when we know they did it, and we brain our own when we assume they did. Might they deserve rough treatment? Yep. Might they be guilty? Heck yeah! But if we make it a practice to do this to our own, then in our own way we do it to ourselves. After all what would we be left to say if they were found innocent.. Uh… sorry pal? Lets wait for the facts…? Its a request.

  3. But isn’t this article about protecting the Republicans from a nasty disaster re the rumored McCarthy affair with one of our representatives?

  4. We need a good sex story. That one about the lobbyists and some of Tholl Rhoad Thom’s staffers never really grabbed any traction.

    And please let it be a heterosexual sex story. It is getting pretty depressing reading all those gay sex stories. Heterosexuals should be treated equally and we need some of the print.

    Remember the Tidal Basin? Mary Jo? Monkey Business? How do you really say Rielle?

    Love makes the world go round and sex is much more interesting than politics.

  5. NC’s two man conservative delegation in the US House is now two for two. Mark Meadows forced Boehner out and now Walter Jones has forced McCarthy out.

    The Freedom Caucus has united around Congressman Daniel Webster of Florida for Speaker. Webster was former Speaker of the State House in Florida and was a noted reformer there.

    All of the establishment Republicans in our delegation owe it to their constituents to reveal who they are supporting for Speaker.

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