#ncga: Time for mandatory rabies testing?

I have some good friends residing in and around Charlotte.  But I tell them often — your hometown is a LOST CAUSE.

For starters, they’ve got a rioter and a 9-11 skeptic / cop-hater sitting on their city council.   The producers are fleeing by the droves.  Those who stay behind are getting bled dry to subsidize the consumers (who just happen to have all the votes).

Apparently, the RNC has narrowed its choices for its 2020 convention to Charlotte and Las Vegas.  Vegas IS a lot of fun.  But most of you know that.  Unfortunately, its proximity to L.A. has allowed some of that liberal hellhole’s problems (gangs, violence, etc.) to infiltrate.  

I can’t think of much fun about Charlotte — outside of a Panthers or Hornets game or  a concert.  Traffic is a nightmare.  Personally, I’d consider being sent to Charlotte for a week as PUNISHMENT.

There’s something to be said about Charlotte’s crime.  For instance, this lovely website describes Charlotte as one of “the nation’s most violent” cities. Its violent crime rate (per 1000 residents) is TWICE the state’s average.  According to the site, you are twice as likely to become a victim of violent crime in Charlotte than you are ANYWHERE ELSE IN NORTH CAROLINA. 

The site even tracks “crimes per square mile.”  Charlotte averages 138 to the rest of North Carolina’s 28.  (The national median is 31.9.)

THAT being said, you would think Charlotte leaders would be excited about ANYONE wanting to bring a crowd of people with spending money to their city.

NOPE.  In fact, the leftist kooks who run the place are on the warpath.  You’d think the Klan was coming to Charlotte to meet. Here’s state Rep. John Autry (D-Meck) on President Trump,  making his “case” against the RNC coming to Charlotte:

[…]He claims to be supportive of the rule of law yet continues to marginalize law enforcement performing their duty,and pardons those who have been convicted and sentenced for defying the rule of law. Speaking of the rule of law and this administration,at the latest tally there have been seventeen indictments and five guilty pleas,after just 17 months.That might be a record at this point in any administration.

He has normalized white supremacy and neo-Nazism and emboldened those who subscribe to that kind of hateful ideology in our public square. […]

Normalizing white supremacy and neo-nazism?  *Seriously?*  The shaved-head clowns with swastika tattoos are still unacceptable FREAKS to me ( as are the Bernie-Sanders-loving-“Democratic Socialists” who are running around terrorizing Trump administration officials and Trump supporters in public).


[…] He willingly has inflicted terror and trauma on children by separating them from their parents  and caregivers-and caged them.[…]

And what about the coyotes and “model parents” who dragged these kids through miles and miles of drug-cartel controlled desert? (Or sent them ALONE through that same desert?) I bet that might have been pretty scary, too.


And  the zinger: there was never any plan to reunite those children with their families, which is why those immigrants will now have DNA tests to match the children with their families.[…]

How else do you suggest confirming family relationships for people who are undocumented ???  Human trafficking, child abuse and kidnapping are at epidemic proportions south of the border. 


[…] When considering what my home might be like after four days of this house guest, I’m not sure my home would ever feel the same. That is why I would prefer that our city heavily consider the implications and unintended consequences of hosting the RNC. Our home just might not feel the same. […]

*Oooh.  Can’t you just feel the tolerance?*  Now imagine what he’d say about a GOP-controlled city balking at the DNC freak show trying to roll into their town. 

This guy replaced Tricia Cotham — who was basically harmless and not all that smart.  This guy is dangerous.

It’s one thing to debate someone who disagrees with you.  It’s another to whip your followers into a frenzy so they run off your opponents.  THAT is what the nazis were all about, my friends.

Blinkin’ Chris’s crew was recently cheerleading for the concept of ditching civility when fighting for your beliefs.  The transition from Cotham to Autry — and Charlotte’s continuing slide into liberal kookery — are a great illustration of that belief set.