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Charlotte paper endorsing ALL DEMS for Council of State (with one exception)

    The Charlotte Post bills itself as “the voice of the black community” in Charlotte.   And like most black voters in the state,  its staff tends to lean Democrat.  But this headline caught my attention (and that of a few other people): Hmmm….

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Antifa, BLM storm, disrupt ‘Back The Blue’ rally in Charlotte

    “Peaceful protesters.”  Let the drive-by liars keep spinning their yarns.   This time, we have exclusive video.  (CAUTION:  THE VIDEO CONTAINS PROFANE LANGUAGE.)   This past Saturday,  a group of activists and some area clergy gathered in Charlotte’s Marshall Park to pay tribute…

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Pro-Forest PAC. Charlotte Dems. (Hmmm…. )

  The Truth & Prosperity PAC made headlines some time back for taking a lot of money from Eric Lindberg,  a Durham businessman currently under indictment for bribery-related charges.  The PAC was set up,  we were led to believe, to pave the way for a…

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Drivebys, Democrats butt-hurt over ICE raids in NC

  Here’s the heir apparent to The N&O’s notorious ‘Toilet Boy’: Really, Andy? (or is it Paul?)   If you click on the link you’ll see those officers have “POLICE | Homeland Security” on their jackets.  Homeland Security does not count as “NC Police.”  Those…

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#ncga: Time for mandatory rabies testing?

I have some good friends residing in and around Charlotte.  But I tell them often — your hometown is a LOST CAUSE. For starters, they’ve got a rioter and a 9-11 skeptic / cop-hater sitting on their city council.   The producers are fleeing by…

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(Wait for it. WAAAAAAAAIT FOR IT.) “Um, discrimi-racism !!!”

The meek, bashful soft-spoken Ann Coulter has a great piece out on how leftists LOVE to use blacks as “props” in their performance theater aimed at defending and expanding their agenda. *Voter ID is not about securing the integrity of our elections process.  It’s RAAAAAAAACISM….

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Charlie Jeter: What a ‘bargain.’

He was the muscle for Speaker Thom Tillis in the North Carolina House, while racking up the most liberal voting record in the GOP caucus.  He and Kelly Hastings regularly bumped into each other while trying to escape the House chamber and take a walk…

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” … Now I know my ABCs, won’t you LGBTQ with me?”

The Charlotte City Council and the Char-Meck School board appear to be in a neck-and-neck race to kiss up to the homsexuals.  The City Council, as we know, tried it with that bathroom nonsense.  Now, here comes the school board: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board voted…

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McClatchy celebrates Charlotte rioter’s election to city council

I was an undergrad in DC when then-mayor Marion Barry got caught smoking crack in a hotel room with a woman who was not his wife.  The whole thing was on videotape.  I thought for sure the guy was DONE politically.  I mean, who could…

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Drive-bys celebrate first anniversary of Charlotte riots

Riots are *special* times, eh?  It is just galling that the driveby media and their radical leftist accomplices seem to view rioting as a perfectly acceptable form of expressing oneself. THAT was on display in Charlotte today.  I happened to catch some of it on TV…