Antifa, BLM storm, disrupt ‘Back The Blue’ rally in Charlotte



“Peaceful protesters.”  Let the drive-by liars keep spinning their yarns.   This time, we have exclusive video.  (CAUTION:  THE VIDEO CONTAINS PROFANE LANGUAGE.)


This past Saturday,  a group of activists and some area clergy gathered in Charlotte’s Marshall Park to pay tribute to the work of law enforcement.  VIPs in attendance?   Former GOP candidate Mark Harris and current GOP lieutenant governor candidate Mark Robinson.  Charlotte-Meck PD bike cops showed up but kept their distance.




Now, let’s go to a report from our on-site correspondent:


“Several groups with both national and state representatives, primarily Blexit, organized a rally to support the police and show racial unity. Many evangelicals were in attendance, along with GOP candidate for Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson, who was the keynote speaker. Black and white pastors prayed and spoke. (The group had a permit for the use of Marshall Park.)


A group of anti-police protesters were gathered on the other side of a building. Up at the sidewalk at the back of the park a row of CMPD bicycle police officers were deployed to work the “Back the Blue” legal rally.

The rally was winding down and the black pastor of New Freedom Worship Center, Randall Walker, was speaking. He was an eloquent spokesman for unity as he had been a victim of police brutality in Detroit as a young man, but had come to faith in Christ and served not only multi-racial congregations, but predominantly white ones as well. As Pastor Walker spoke a block of radical protesters marched across 3rd Street and started down the sidewalk right into our crowd. They were screaming and cursing. They went down into the area where Pastor Walker was speaking. The situation began to deteriorate as Pastor Walker tried to keep speaking and keep control.”[…]

According to my source,  the cops on scene didn’t budge until Mark Harris walked over to them and said something,




[…]”By this time assaults were occurring against our people. The police told him to get the two groups separated and they would deploy between. Harris came back down the hill and took a megaphone from a young man who was there. He started shouting into the megaphone, “Back the Blue, back up. Back up.” Our folks backed up. Pastor Walker was also praying and trying to keep control of his side of the protestors. At last CMPD deployed between us and eventually after spraying the protestors who disrupted our legal rally the protesters departed.”


By watching the video,  I saw several “Back The Blue” signs destroyed by the invaders and at least one old man knocked to the ground.  And you Republicans want to have a convention HERE ????

8 thoughts on “Antifa, BLM storm, disrupt ‘Back The Blue’ rally in Charlotte

  1. THIS and all other incidents are the tearing down of democracy and the fabric of society. UNTIL massive push backs and criminal action taken against these thugs, it will continue. As is, there are few if any arrests and the destruction done to bldgs., cities, infrastructure continue at taxpayer’s expense, down the line if done at all. Unsure why Trump/Congress/States don’t take action. I’m disgusted with Trump, Congress, etc at giving these thugs total claims on our nation.

  2. If the police will not back us, why are we backing the police. Stand and watch while our group was attacked? Cops try to remember who your friends are.

  3. This ain’t even the worst of it. Public schools will be adding BLM curriculum to the already indoctrinated bs. Parents need to get kids out of public education. This is where it starts!

  4. Never forget… Charlotte’s police are hamstrung by their city’s “woke” leadership. Thank Mark Harris the next time you see him.

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