When Dale Folwell says ‘Jump!’ …



I’m starting to see an interesting pattern here.   State treasurer Dale Folwell  (R) publicly complains about someone or something in the Cooper administration.  A short time later,  Team Cooper responds with an action pretty doggone close to what Folwell wanted fixed.


Folwell publicly cited the NC DOT secretary for mismanagement and demanded his swift departure from the cabinet post.   A short time later, it happened.



Folwell then upped the ante — calling for the departure of the agency’s COO and CFO as well.  This week,  the NC DOT announced the upcoming departure of COO Bobby Lewis.   Today,  the Cooper administration wanted to make sure Folwell got NO CREDIT for Lewis’s departure:  


A top executive’s departure from the North Carolina Department of Transportation has nothing to do with State Treasurer Dale Folwell’s call earlier this month to replace him, a DOT spokesperson said on Thursday.


Chief Operating Officer Bobby Lewis’s last day on the job will be Friday, according to the agency.


Lewis submitted his resignation letter on July 6, spokesperson Jamie Kritzer wrote in an email. That was nine days before Folwell announced in a news release he wanted the chief operating officer and chief financial officer removed from their jobs. Folwell cited “continued mismanagement” at the agency. […] 


Folwell issued a release on July 15th calling for the dismissal of the two top DOT officials.   We have no documentation — other than this news story — of a July 9th resignation.   But,  keep reading:


[…] Kritzer said Folwell didn’t “communicate with anyone at NCDOT before distributing his news release.” Kritzer said Lewis had made “his intentions to return to the private sector clear some time ago.”


On July 15, another DOT spokesperson identified Lewis as the chief operating officer. His pending departure wasn’t mentioned.[…]


Isn’t it kind of pathetic that there’s a bigger concern here with ensuring Dale Folwell gets no credit for the personnel change at DOT than with addressing the agency’s monstrous financial troubles?

8 thoughts on “When Dale Folwell says ‘Jump!’ …

  1. Well, at least Doofus listens to someone other than his Soros masters on some issues. Good to see Folwell gets results….I am sure he had some stern talks with the Doof before that resignation date and was forcing the issue when Doof didn’t act on it so went public later on. I really think Folwell could be a great governor after Doofus wins this election (solely due to the voter fraud machine he has in place of course).

  2. Dale Folwell is probably the BEST non politician I have ever seen-GREAT MAN!!!!
    Ron Margiotta

  3. On Hwy 64 to the OBX, several billboards of Dale Folwell. Nicely done and great message on them. Let’s have Folwell RUN NC. IF not for Folwell and Beth Wood, where would NC’s finances and fiscal responsibility be?

  4. You can always count on Dale standing up for what’s right. He is truly one of a kind and will always have my vote.!

  5. Would someone please tell this dumb ass governor to stop talking to me
    like a child and if you can’t speak without someone writing it for you, get the hell
    out of the way and let the Lt. Gov. to step in. Watchinbg him on national tv is embarrassing.

    1. I watched for about 10 seconds him READ the emergency mgt presser. His head was tilted and he looked ignorant reading from the teleprompter. HOW HARD is it to giving warnings for a hurricane??? You REQUIRE a teleprompter. And then the Q’s from the ‘chosen one’ news outlets and ALLOWING follow-ups from the same ones w/out calling on others? IF Forrest doesn’t pull this out, I can’t image another 4y. Cohen did an interview with WPTF yesterday, Martinez’s….which tells me a lot. She only went on there to calm the sea. Roy must be concerned. Donna Martinez from John Locke asked her some very tough Q’s. The DHS website is a conglomerate of nothing if you haven’t figured that out. The data means nothing. The science, data, stats DHS has been provided has used differing measures almost weekly, but bottom line, the numbers in NC are not very accurate.

  6. I believe that Dale Folwell is a gift to NC from God. A principled fighter for what is right and “the best keeper of the public purse” in America. We need a hundred Dale’s across this country to restore sanity and fiscal responsibility to America. We are fortunate to have him selflessly serving us and I hope he decides to continue his service for a long time. Yes, I can see him leading NC in the future. Happy and proud to call him a friend.

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