Calling the Guv’s bluff: LIVE from Raleigh — It’s The Council of State.



Most people don’t know much about The Council of State.  It is a state government body composed of all of the state officials who are elected statewide —  governor, lt. governor, auditor, attorney general, secretary of state, DPI superintendent, treasurer, and the commissioners of labor, insurance, and agriculture.  They are charged with making a lot of important policy decisions.  But the drive-by media shows very little interest, and therefore the public is mostly left in the dark.





State treasurer Dale Folwell is making an effort to shed some more light and public scrutiny on the council’s work:


State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, will broadcast the August 4, 2020, Council of State (COS) meeting live on the Department of State Treasurer’s (DST) Facebook page starting at 9:00 AM. Additionally, members of the Council of State are invited to DST in Raleigh to participate in person, wearing masks, socially distancing, and adhering to all federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state Department of Health and Human Services guidelines. Previous calls to have the COS meeting in person in the Dobbs building have been denied by Gov. Roy Cooper.


Treasurer Folwell noted that if 24 people are allowed on a school bus this year, then 10 statewide elected officials could meet in a 500 square foot room. He also said he is providing the COS meeting on the department’s Facebook page because it is difficult to monitor the meeting otherwise.


“I’ve had many, many people ask me how they can remotely listen to the Council of State meetings,” said Treasurer Folwell. “It’s almost impossible for the public to listen in. Most people don’t have the proprietary software to participate. North Carolinians are facing health, job, education and food insecurity. It’s about not only flattening the health care curve, but the economic curve as well. To do this we must have open, transparent meetings with an ability to ask questions. The citizens of North Carolina deserve to have access to these meetings.”[…]


If you’re interested,  the action starts Tuesday morning.  Here are the details:


What:   “Facebook Live” North Carolina Council of State Meeting

When:    Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 9:00 AM




3 thoughts on “Calling the Guv’s bluff: LIVE from Raleigh — It’s The Council of State.

  1. Is Folwell NOT being brave and a patriot. 3 Cheers for Folwell. He’s like many NC’ians, we’ve had enough of this bush league govt run by Cooper and his minions. Cooper has played politics for 5 months now and has no plans to open anything up. Schools are a disaster and local school boards are being pounded for Plan C learning. All by design. The COS should have been the guiding force during the shutdown, NOT shut out.

  2. So I wonder if Doofus is going to act like a jerk for this meeting like he has at others. Probably so, the guy can’t help himself and knows there would be no repercussions anyway as no media will dare report it.

  3. A lipless, hapless, and effete excuse for a man who cannot go pee-pee in the big-boy potty without asking Bob Jordan’s ex son-in-law how to flush. The Whizzer of Oz

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