MISTER Folwell: Leading the way



State treasurer Dale Folwell got raked over the coals — even by members of his own party — when he pushed for transparency in  the pricing offered by health care providers.  Along comes President Trump who issues an executive order calling for pretty much the same thing but on  a national scale.  Interestingly, there’s not so much background noise in reaction to Trump’s move.


A few months back, we heard Folwell issue a call for the resignation of Roy Cooper’s DOT chief for gross mismanagement of that state agency.  Two days ago,  we hear the DOT secretary is, um, “retiring.”– after three years on the job. 



The Republican leadership on Jones Street had high praise for the “retiring” DOT secretary who was the target of Folwell’s criticism.  Folwell, himself,  had a few words in reaction to the “retirement” announcement:


My calling for the Governor to replace Secretary Trogdon was never personal. It was, however, about the need for change at the top of an organization that has lost its financial way.  


Just last week, the Governor’s Department of Transportation (DOT) asked for another $100 million from the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) to overcome February shortages. This is in addition to the over $2 billion in overspending last year including more than $1 billion taken from the HTF.  


On behalf of taxpayers, DOT employees and contractors, we look forward to working with Mr. Boyette to bring DOT out of the multibillion-dollar ditch that it has dug over the last 16 months. Only through an accurate accounting of the money that has been spent, and will be spent, can we ensure a stable road building program while still maintaining the state’s coveted “AAA” credit rating.


We’re nine months out from a huge election and Dale Folwell is pretty much the only senior elected Republican in the state playing offense against the Democrats.  Raleigh Republicans, it seems, are more likely (and comfortable) to attack Folwell than to criticize Cooper.



It could give one the impression that the NCGOPe is already conceding 2020 to the Big Goof currently occupying the mansion on Blount Street.



3 thoughts on “MISTER Folwell: Leading the way

  1. Wrong with the thoughts or info in your last two paragraphs, Brant, at least in the NCGOP East of I-95. Dale Folwell ranks #1 with most of us with Dan Forest a close #2.

  2. Thanks for this coverage of our most excellent State Treasurer, Dale Folwell, analysis we simply cannot get from the mainstream media. Dale is a folk hero to grass roots conservatives across the state. He is fearless in his pursuit of fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability in the management of public funds.

    I echo the sentiment of Carl Mischka, as well. A cursory review of “Run Forest Run” social media ad buys, video clips, and digital messaging reveals significant and growing discussion of Cooper’s disloyalty to our state and taxpayers. Early Forest TV and radio ads also mention the Cooper record, though positive messaging about our Lieutenant Governor and his excellent record takes primacy over the articulation of Cooper foibles.

  3. I respect Mr. Folwell’s position of responsibility as a steward of the tax payers hard earned money. However, when huge changes were proposed to the state healthcare plan, those changes were mandated without fully understanding the fallout associated with state employees being on the hook for any non covered charges. Or the very narrow network of providers that it would create. If you were a state employee participating in the plan it was great news to hear he was going to lower your cost of healthcare coverage Until you learned of the “surprise billing” you’d receive after other charges were paid. I’m glad it was rejected and sent back for additional study and negotiations with the state employees, the healthcare providers, and the benefit managers of the insurance companies. All who either pay the bill or take huge reductions in reimbursements for the same level of care which in some ways could help offset the free and indigent care provided by many healthcare providers in North Carolina. Healthcare is a very frustrating option for anyone to read, choose a plan or understand, however just mandating changes without understanding the impacts to local healthcare providers Is not fair to all involved.

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