” … Now I know my ABCs, won’t you LGBTQ with me?”

The Charlotte City Council and the Char-Meck School board appear to be in a neck-and-neck race to kiss up to the homsexuals.  The City Council, as we know, tried it with that bathroom nonsense.  Now, here comes the school board:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board voted 7-2 Tuesday to take a stronger stand on supporting LGBTQ students. The vote followed an impassioned and sometimes raucous public hearing.

The board approved a revised multiculturalism policy that expands the definition of diversity to include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, along with such attributes as race, gender, national origin and religion. It also strengthens the mandate to “intentionally (incorporate) diversity throughout the curriculum, instruction, and professional development.”

Several speakers described that change as social engineering that usurps the role of parents in teaching religious and moral values.

“We do not need others to teach our children values,” said Ted White, a pastor and CMS parent. “I respect all life, but we do not have to embrace all lifestyles.”

But others said the expanded policy supports vulnerable students and prepares everyone for a diverse world.

“At its heart public education is all about diversity and inclusion,” said Allen Smith, a parent and former school board candidate. He said some children live in families that are so intolerant that “the only place they will experience an environment free of homophobia and racism is a public school classroom.” […] 

Translation of intolerant: One who dares to instill traditional values in their kids at home while tax-funded troglodytes try to wipe it all out those babysitting factories known as “public schools.”

*Oh, thank the deity for community organizers who get elected to public office and try to parent ALL the kids.*


[…] Board members Sean Strain and Thelma Byers-Bailey voted against the change. Strain, elected in November, said he thinks an existing anti-bullying policy serves to protect LGBTQ students, while the new policy seems to mandate changes in curriculum and instruction. […]

They’re doing THIS while record numbers of college freshmen are having to take remedial English and Math.  (That should have been learned when all this multicultural, diversity crap was being doled out.)

[…] Board member Ruby Jones said the new policy sets the right tone for students: “We do teach values in the classroom, in that we teach love, we teach respect, we teach caring and we teach concern.”

Um,no.  PARENTS are supposed to do that.  PARENTS.  (*You know, baby-mamas and baby-daddys?*)

[…] Board members have been working on the multiculturalism policy for more than a year. It was originally set for a vote last March, but the school board put it on hold, fearing that uproar over LGBTQ issues would distract from work on student assignment changes.

The policy change went back on the agenda earlier in January, with a first hearing that drew only half a dozen supporters.

That led the Raleigh-based North Carolina Values Coalition to accuse CMS of trying to “sneak through yet another attempt to rob parents of their rights to teach their kids about sensitive moral questions.” The coalition urged people to contact board members and sign up for Tuesday’s second hearing.

MeckPAC, a local LGBTQ rights group, countered by rallying its members in support of the revision.

Carol Sawyer, a recently elected board member, posted on MeckPAC’s Facebook event that board members have been bombarded with identical emails from people opposing the change. “Rest assured that such robo-emails are not effective in changing our hearts and minds,” Sawyer said in a post thanking MeckPAC for supporting the policy.

The Values Coalition responded with an email blast accusing Sawyer of recruiting LGBTQ activists and showing a photo of Sawyer with a pink-eared “P***y Power” sign she made for the 2017 women’s march. “With such LGBT and contraception activists like Carol voted into the school board, no wonder they decided to spend their first meeting politicizing our schools,” the Values Coalition email said. It also asks for donations to “spread the word to as many parents as possible.”

A few speakers singled out Sawyer for criticism. “Carol Sawyer, shame on you for being an activist instead of an educator,” said Anne Marie Lloyd.

The Rev. Flip Benham objected to associating sexuality with race and religion for official support.

“To be black is not sin. To be Chinese is not sin. To be a Jew is not sin,” Benham said. “Homosexual sodomy is sin.”

Police escorted him out of the meeting chamber when his time ran out and he approached the board members at the dais, still talking.

Wow.  *This certainly does OODLES for Charlotte’s alleged image as an alleged world-class cosmopolitan locale.*  (*Do you think little Chinese kids get “Pussy Power” lectures in between their world-domination lessons?*

We are so screwed. The inmates are truly running the asylum in Char-Meck.

21 thoughts on “” … Now I know my ABCs, won’t you LGBTQ with me?”

  1. “I respect all life, but we do not have to embrace all lifestyles.”
    RESPECT each other’s uniqueness is what is being proposed by the school board. The school board is NOT saying students have to approve of other’s lives or adopt those aspects into their lives. Live your life and allow others to live their lives.

    1. You seem to not be paying to the whole leftist/progressive movement these days JP. All they focus on is not only making people approve but also accept, celebrate and implement their views in their life. Otherwise they are either racist, hateful, something-phobic, judgemental, or intolerant.

      1. Not at all true. Is it so hard to accept that people are different from one another? If you need a carbon copy of yourself to be happy in this life you must be miserable.

        1. I think you miss the point, it is not me who feels the need for a carbon copy but the leftists. I am not the one saying you for example are racist or hateful because you do not agree with me, but that is the first tactic every leftist uses when someone disagrees with their world view. There needs to room for people like me who are questioning all these destructive policies meant to put people in various “boxes” without being called some kind of name so that the conversation will be shut down. And BTW, none of those names really deter me…when those are bandied about it lets me know that the facts and reason have overwhelmed the leftist.

          1. Though we usually dissagree I have not called you a racist.
            You usually feel the need to use the “destructive policies meant to put people in various “boxes”” by putting me in the “leftist” box.
            The world is NOT black and white, or on or off, or solid or liquid; it is a huge diverse creation that for the most part is good. And therefore should be celebrated and acknowledged. That is what this policy is after.

          2. I have not put you in any box that you defend, and agreed you personally have not played the race/hate etc card so kudos to you. Read back through my posts on this thread, I only reference you may not have knowledge of their tactics.

            As far as your views. You are free to have the opinion that the BLT group or red, yellow, black or whatever other people are worth celebrating…but am I as free to celebrate say Confederate Memorial Day or fly the flag and have that be accepted? I personally feel the former is just as subervisive as some feel the latter may be.

  2. This is social engineering and indoctrination of young children at its worst. It is a good reason to start to phase out public schools and replace them with competing private schools and vouchers for parents to make the choice of schools. We are managing education the same way the old Soviet Union managed its economy and with the same dire result.

  3. And here I thought that a public education was about learning. It is news to me that education is only about diversity and inclusion in S-hole city of Charlotte. I am soooo glad I moved from that place back in 1998.

      1. The better question is: Where does it say that diversity propaganda constituted education?

        I (fortunately) never received any of this indoctrination in school and I get along with and respect most people. The propaganda they are forcing on the kids will only serve to take away from any real learning that may have taken place.

        1. “The propaganda they are forcing on the kids will only serve to take away from any real learning that may have taken place.”
          What is your proof of that? And why is learning about others not part of “real learning”?

          1. Well, look at the comparison of schools in the USA vs. various developed nations since the PC leftists began taking hold in roughly the 1960’s. I am not going to do your Googling for you, but the correlation is pretty high once they started placing reading, writing, and arithmetic on the back burner and replaced it with propaganda about BLT’s and global change warming climate.

  4. The Republican party wants to keep the state Red but if the Republican party does not fight actions like this at the state level the party just might as well give up #FightProgressiveLeftism

  5. Disgusting! Remember, it’s all just a ruse to get Democrats in power and keep Democrats in power, no matter how badly it screws the rest of our civil society in doing so! Also, that old saying “I vote for the man, not the party” needs to be tossed onto the garbage heap of civilization. If you vote for a Democrat of any stripe, you are voting for all his perverted and libertine friends, too, and all their beloved agenda issues!!!

    1. It is actually an effort to have a more civil society. A country where not just one type of person is accepted but anyone of value has value.

      1. Throughout the history of mankind parsing people into many many different warring groups has not proven an effective way to promote civil society. The differences are where the conflicts come in, it is on the common ground where people become civil. The only goal/result of this so called “diversity” PC cause is to generate conflict as that is where the money is.

          1. diversity is a lie what made America great for so long was a country unified in the judeo christian ethic that the founding fathers treated with reverence and thus the rock this nation was built upon

            And the same foundation the progressive and the LBGT are taking the sledge hammer to as they undermine and ruin this nation

          2. Not as it stands with current leftists. They are only concerned with dividing and causing conflict so that they can continue to have a cause to rally against.

    2. Treating sexual perverts and the mentally ill the same as normal people is an insane policy. What sexual perversion are they going to promote next? Bestiality? Incest? Polygamy? Pedophilia? And what mental illness? Kleptomania? Pyromania?

      Boys are think they are girls are as nutty as boys who think they are Napolean. It is a mental illness called gender dysphoria.

      1. clearly student that recognize themselves as nudists should not have to wear clothes to class plus you know how stressful it is to pick out what to wear plus you know how many kids bully other kids over their clothes and you know how the poor kids cannot afford the name brands the rich kids get to wear – clearly to have fairness in the school system all students should not wear clothes

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