Roy Cooper kills RNC convention in Charlotte, marches with rioting rabble




Governor Doofus claims he’s acting out of concern for everyone’s safety,  but he had no qualms with marching massless and gloveless with the rioting rabble today:


While THIS went down,  here was our governor:

Of course, state Republicans were not happy.  Here’s state party chairman Michael Whatley on Twitter:



4 thoughts on “Roy Cooper kills RNC convention in Charlotte, marches with rioting rabble

  1. Well here we go. SB 2 all over again. Insult every republican and business in the state and then expect the Rino
    legislature to give the Dems everything they want in the election bill. And they will. “Cause they are.

  2. Cooper & Cohen, DAY 1, MISSION was to make certain RNC was OUT of NC, period. He had marching orders from NYC and Florida. NEVER about science, data, details. WHY did it take media lawsuit to receive emails, data, etc. Because it SHOWED the FRAUD. And it also showed DHS & Cooper FAILURE for nursing homes, the 63% rate of infections and deaths there. Also discloses NC is DEAD LAST in the USA reacting to unemployment claims. REPUBLICANS on Jones St….YOU BEST BEGIN shouting from the roof tops, running ads, making ads. Unsure WHY before NOW we haven’t HEARD the screams, yelling, outrage?????

    Cooper OWNS NC’s demise, fiscal ruin. HE OWNS also NC’s DOT OVERSPENT $742M budget…..OVERSPENT. He owns CONTINUED SHUTDOWN and he owns Charlotte’s inability to recoup SOME LOSS from HIS SHUTDOWN, the rioting and looting….

    THERE ARE ADS GALORE from this abyss that should be running…….

  3. Phew. I think Pooper Cooper stepped in something when marching with Antifa in Charlotte.
    This stink will stick with him through his defeat in November. Pictures don’t lie. Noses know.

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