Leading like a BOSS



Last night, President Trump put the criminal class on notice that patty-cake was officially OVER:


President Trump said during a statement in the Rose Garden on Monday that he is taking “immediate action” to mobilize “all available federal resources” to stop riots and looting across the country, threatening to deploy the military if states don’t send in the National Guard to protests.


“I will fight to protect you,” Trump said in an evening protest, ahead of what’s expected to be more protests in the city of Washington on Monday night over the death in Minnesota of George Floyd.


Immediately following the speech, in an extraordinary scene, the president and his entourage walked outside of the White House, across Lafayette Square, to St. Johns Episcopal Church, which caught on fire during the protesters the night before.

Burning churches.  Hijacking trucks.  Pulling people from their cars.  Looting businesses.  Vandalizing public and private property.  None of that counts as legitimate political protest.  THAT is what you call CRIME.


People should not be scared to walk or drive down their streets.  THIS is what we voted for in 2016.