Riots and Economic Ruin: Welcome to The Roy Cooper Era



The drive-by media appears to take great pleasure in regaling us with tales of alleged,  purported racism.

They seem to have quite a bit of fun stoking anger in black people and scaring the hell out of white people.  But the fun starts to dissipate when the drive-bys’s own offices get vandalized and their own people get the crap kicked out of them:




Once again, the drive-bys have taken a local crime story and elevated it to a national crisis. Professional agitators — who likely never met George Floyd nor even know his name — have taken to the streets to break and burn stuff.  People who were nowhere near the Minneapolis incident are being victimized by this mayhem purportedly being enacted in the name of civil rights.


The N&O appears to have worked coronavirus into the riot story:



As  the armored riot police are gearing up in Raleigh,  Roy Cooper himself has found his way in front of the cameras:


[…]“Unfortunately, today the headlines are not about those protestors and their calls for serious, meaningful change. They are more about riots, and tear gas, and broken windows, and stolen property. I fear the cry of the people is being drowned out by the noise of riots,” Governor Cooper said Sunday. “Let me be clear about one thing: People are more important than property. Black Lives do Matter.”[…]


*Wow.  Talk about a Profile in Courage.*  I sure would rather hear my governor say something like: “Stop burning police cars.  Stop looting businesses.  Stop assaulting police officers and innocent bystanders.”



But, no.  Ol’ Roy has to play to his political base.  (Of course, the mob may decide to turn on his house on Blount Street.)


Congratulations.  We’ve become a Third World Country.  We’re seeing footage on our local streets that could have been shot in any Central or South American country.


(You know, I’m actually old enough to remember when the media told us how dangerous it was to march against the coronavirus lockdown. )


This is clearly no longer about an incident in Minneapolis.  It’s a devious political agenda at work.  We’ve got a weekly massacre of young minority men BY other young minority men in cities across the country.   If you’re truly concerned about the lives of young minority men,  tackle THAT problem.


The Minneapolis incident needs to work its way through proper channels so everyone gets their day in court and any necessary punishments are doled out.