Put that white flag AWAY !!!!

surrenderWe’ve got a 17 percent federal spending freeze.  But to hear the media tell it, we are experiencing THE END OF DAYS.

CNN is running a countdown clock.  We’re being that this 17 percent spending freeze is starving babies, hurting seniors, endangering national security, and killing the economy.  (This freeze has little do with killing the economy.  THAT ball got rolling with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Jimmy Carter.)

Despite what The Constitution says about federal spending and the budget, we’re told that it is all coming down to negotiations between John Boehner, Harry Reid, and Big Barry.   (Never mind those  530-some other folks on The Hill.) We’re told that, for our country to survive, Republicans MUST agree to more blank checks — continuing resolutions and debt ceiling increases.  Republicans — enduring heaping doses of media bias as campaign season approaches — are folding like cheap suits to make the crap on ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC stop.

Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and Senate minority leader McConnell seem to have developed amnesia about the post-Reagan GOP’s devotion to fiscal responsibility.  Boehner and Cantor keep offering up “limited” debt ceiling increases, and Barry Obama keeps saying NO.

We’ve got $17 trillion in debt.  Yet, NO ONE is even talking about trying to put our fiscal house in order.  *Just keep the printing presses at the mint rolling.  Let the kids and grandkids worry about cleaning up the mess.  We gotta get reelected.*

If aspiring president Bob Dole had not folded in 1995 — the GOP majorities in Congress could have scored a major budgetary victory against Bill Clinton.  The media beat up on the GOP then about as bad as they are now.  Bob Dole and his weak weak weak presidential campaign got trounced by Clinton in 1996.  How did Republicans do on Capitol Hill?  Despite the big Clinton win, they gained TWO Senate seats and lost ONLY 7 House seats.  Not exactly a shellacking.  The firm GOP stand in the 1995 budget fight is credited with actually achieving a balanced budget and some welfare reform.

Most people are not even noticing the current federal government “shutdown” / spending freeze.  Statists are worrying that the partial spending freeze will show the American people that the government is not as crucial to their lives as they have been told.   Barry and his statist mob have tried to punish people by forcibly shutting down tourist attractions and cutting off military death benefits.  They’re not just stopping people from visiting tourist attractions, they’re even preventing them from photographing those attractions. 

It’s not an R vs. D thing.  It’s the statist ruling class versus the rest of us.  They know what’s best for us, they say. We need to shut up and keeping ponying up, they say. 

Not a chance. #WAR. From now on — it’s feet to the fire time.   Stay on them.  It’s too important.