Caldwell Co. GOP offers a tip of the hat to Mark Meadows

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In an era where so many GOP “leaders” are disappointing the faithful outside The Beltway  and The Beltline, one group of North Carolina Republicans is standing up and saluting one particular congressional leader from The Tar Heel State.

The Fourth Congressional District’s GOP has censured Senator Richard Burr.  The Craven County GOP has formally rebuked state House speaker — and current US Senate candidate — Thom Tillis AND Burr.  But the Caldwell County GOP — in the heart of the state’s 11th congressional district — has released a letter praising their congressman Mark Meadows for his efforts in the ObamaCare fight:

Representative Meadows,

As you are aware, in April of this year, the North Carolina 11th District Republican Party adopted a resolution requesting that you make every effort to amend subsequent appropriations bills to exclude any appropriations delegated to aspects of Obamacare implementation.” The North Carolina State Republican Party and the Republican National Committee subsequently passed resolutions asking the same of all Republican US House Representatives.

By circulating a letter urging Speaker John Boehner to abstain from providing funding for Obamacare implementation in the Continuing Resolution, the members of the Caldwell County Republican Party feel that you have not only adequately responded to the aforementioned requests, but have gone above and beyond the call of duty in doing so. Your actions demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, sparking a national conversation & movement around the effort to defund Obamacare. Media networks such as CNN recognize your work, as well, as they have now dubbed you “the Architect” of the defunding Obamacare effort. Though this moniker may have been meant as an attempt to negatively brand you, “the Architect” is a label which the Caldwell County Republicans are proud to associate with our US House Representative.

Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled US Senate’s subsequent refusal to accept an appropriations bill without Obamacare funding has resulted in a halt to some nonessential federal spending, while still providing funding for our national defense and paying our military members. This is an outcome which we consider to be a great victory for fiscal conservatives. It is an added bonus to us here in North Carolina that you were able to accomplish, within this effort, the defunding of the EPA – an agency which has harassed our neighbors in Asheville, NC, sending armed agents to a man’s home in order to interrogate him over an email exchange. We can only hope that the House will consider making the cuts to their agency more permanent.

The ongoing debate over Obamacare funding has served as an illustration of the absurdity of the administration in their political maneuvering. President Obama has demonstrated contempt for the American people by shutting down sites that would be otherwise unaffected by the current spending halt were it not for his stationing of federal guards around them, such as Asheville NC’s Pisgah Inn (a privately owned business), the World War II Memorial, and many more. It has served as an illustration of the hypocrisy of the current democratic regime by actions such as:

?     President Obama’s unwillingness to engage in debate over any appropriations measure that does not include funding for specified pet projects

?     Harry Reid’s declared refusal to hear individual pieces of legislation to provide federal funding for the clinicals of child cancer patients, and much more.

?     the labeling of a 15% halt of nonessential federal services as a “government shutdown,”

We feel that through your efforts, the entire nation is now hearing our voice of opposition to Obamacare funding being forced upon the residents of the North Carolina 11th district. It is for this reason that the Caldwell County Republican Party decided unanimously on the evening of October 8, 2013, to send you this letter as a formal declaration of recognition, appreciation, and support for your praiseworthy demonstration of leadership, service, consideration, and accurate representation of the constituents of Caldwell County, North Carolina.


Sam Yearick, Chairman

Caldwell County Republican Party