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#ncga: They’re BAAAAAAAACK!

      While we’re sheltering-in-place, the honorables have once again darkened the halls of that big building one Jones Street in Raleigh. The Congress passed a huge-honking spending bill. So, the honorables in Raleigh felt like they had to get in on the act….

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John Locke Foundation to Jones Street: Spend, baby, spend.

    It seems like just yesterday that The John Locke Foundation  — the alleged conservative HQ of North Carolina – was smacking around Jones Street for spending like drunken sailors.     In case you haven’t heard,  state government is running a $900 million…

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Fight The Power! (Just, um, make sure you have a hall pass.)

  The plight of public school teachers has had a lot of sympathy across the political spectrum.  Unfortunately, radical leftists have grabbed the steering wheel and are on the verge of destroying  a lot of that goodwill.     The North Carolina Association of Educators…

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Fiscal conservatism, WHERE ARE YOU?

  We’ve come to grips with it being in its death throes in Raleigh.  Let’s see how it’s doing in DC in the Trump era:   The federal government spent $1,822,712,000,000 in the first five months of fiscal 2019, the most it has spent in…

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Monkey Business Report: A tangled ‘technical corrections’ web dating back to JULY

We’ve raised some questions about the pretty willy-nilly disbursement of $700,000 via the recent “technical corrections ” bill approved by the General Assembly.  Several cases of five- and six-figures being doled out to various communities with little specific detail about how the  money is to…

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Monkey Business Report: Pat McElraft and ‘technical corrections’

We told you earlier about the honorables on Jones Street tossing around $700K  of our money in  a quite care-free fashion with little to no strings attached.  At first, it looked like senator Harry Brown (R-Onslow) was the ringleader here.  After all, he was the…

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Monkey Business Report: Technical Corrections

In the legislature, “technical corrections” are sort of like the “consent agenda” you hear about in city council and county commissioner meetings.  Meant to be for correcting things like spelling, grammar and other typos, “technical corrections” are a fantastic opportunity for the honorables to sneak…

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Aaaand NOW: The FEC report (NCGOP edition)

The other day, our pal Dallas was advising that we all take a look at the state party’s filings with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).  So, some of us did. Grandpa and his plane. The use of party funds to pay for Robin Hayes’s travels…

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#ncga: Berger cheers increased spending

I guess the days of bashing Democrats as “big spenders” are over.  The GOPe appears sold on the concept of spending big. We learned recently that NC House Republicans were bashing a Democrat challenger for favoring offsetting increased spending with spending cuts.  Now, we have…

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Monetary messes for many NC local governments

We’re coming up on the November elections.  Many counties will have commissioners on the ballot.  You’ll hear a lot about how great things are in your neck of the woods.  For many localities across the state, data collected and monitored by the state treasurer’s office…