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Taxpayers on the hook for High Point pro baseball

Settle back, folks.  This is a story that involves something in Raleigh that you likely don’t hear much about — The Local Government Commission. Here is an explanation of the commission from the state treasurer’s web site: […] In 1931 the North Carolina General Assembly…

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$666 BILLION deficit: GOP Congress setting spending records

666.  The sign of the beast. And the first three numbers of the total federal deficit in FY 2017.  Boy, the “conservative” party is making us proud: Real federal spending in fiscal 2017, which ended on Sept. 30, was higher than in any year in…

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RobC: Budget “cuts” (NOT Gene Nichol, fake classes, or Queer Studies degrees) hurting UNC’s rep

Yes.  The “Bernie” of our state’s gasping-for-that-last-breath driveby media is still peddling that nonsense that spending more money equals excellence.  (That gets shot down ALL THE TIME.  Texas Gov. John Connolly spent $11 million bucks – a LOT more than anybody else — his 1980 campaign…

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Moore County Schools: Boy, are we getting SCREWED.

Granted, this story is about one of North Carolina’s 100 counties.  But something like this is likely going on in each of the other 99.   We’ve got a clueless, or complicit — not sure which is worse — board of education.  We’ve got a…

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#ncpol: Solar goons teaming with Hudson to sink claws into tax $$$ for hydropower?

That’s what it looks like.  Here’s an excerpt from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s schedule for the House floor this coming week:   Check out HR 2786, sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC-08).  “Qualifying”?  Qualifying for what?  Government cash and tax incentives, perhaps?  This release from…

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Pittenger: Change The Rules. Here’s Some Cash. (Remember to vote.)

Conservatives have long had heartburn over the very existence of government departments of agriculture.  Far too often, those institutions have been little more than farm community vote-buying apparatuses. In recent years, the USDA has moved away from strictly funding farm-based projects to backing commercial development…

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Tarte: I handed out YOUR money to “save kids” (*NOT TO BUY MY RE-ELECTION*)

Apparently, state senator Jeff Tarte has been fielding some questions about his hand-off of $200,000 of our money to a local charity in Mecklenburg County.  The charity has ONE MILLION in the bank, and was already on the verge of meeting its monthly fundraising goal….

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#ncga: Republican ‘pork’? (Oink!)

The budget made it through the House basically on a party line vote.  (We exhibited our complete disgust and nausea about the agreement earlier.) The debate featured some of the biggest identity-swapping and role-reversal we’d seen since the HB2 kerfuffle: The N.C. House voted 77-40…

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More on public school bureaucrat duplicity

We posted earlier on how edu-crats here in Moore County have a yearly ritual of LYING their posteriors off to the public about their financial position.  *Oh, the babies are going to starve! We’re going to have to pack 50 into each classroom! We’re going…

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#ncga: State-subsidized internet? Pushed by Republicans? (*SIGH*)

Yep.  State House Republicans are following the lead of Al Gore and Bill Clinton and pushing for broadband internet service in rural areas — paid for by YOU and ME.  Reps. Jason Saine and John Szoka — two guys who never say NO to the lobbyist…