#ncga: Berger cheers increased spending

I guess the days of bashing Democrats as “big spenders” are over.  The GOPe appears sold on the concept of spending big.

We learned recently that NC House Republicans were bashing a Democrat challenger for favoring offsetting increased spending with spending cuts.  Now, we have THIS from the NCGOP’s ‘Mr.Big’ in Raleigh:

Wait. What?  He starts off bashing Democrats for “spending like drunken sailors,”  but finishes with bragging about the GOP majority on Jones Street spending MORE than anyone since 2003? (WTH?)

If North Carolina politics has been reduced to a race between the two major parties to see who can spend more, show me what’s behind Door #3.

2 thoughts on “#ncga: Berger cheers increased spending

  1. Seems like lots of Republicans love increasing spending.

    Beaufort County has an incumbent commissioner bragging about increasing taxes, fees and spending and vows to continue for four more years. It remains to be seen if his campaign promises will succeed in getting him re-elected.

    Speaking of Berger: He’s not real popular with Beaufort County conservatives. He’s taking most of the blame for the redistricting catastrophe that has fallen on the county.

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