‘Tricky Dick’ Burr: Big-spending tree-hugger

We told you a little earlier about our senior senator conspiring with one other RINO and ALL DEMOCRATS to kill substantial federal spending cuts in the Senate.  The Wall Street Journal has more on WHY ol’ Mauze did it:

Republicans have had a rough week, mostly of their own making, and on Wednesday they added to their self-punishment with a spending fiasco in the Senate. Two GOP Senators blocked the Trump Administration’s rescissions package that would claw back $15 billion, much of which wasn’t even likely to be spent under current policy.

A Senate procedural vote to move the rescissions package failed 48-50 after defections from Susan Collins of Maine and Richard Burr of North Carolina. From what we’ve heard Ms. Collins wanted to keep the money on ice so if it isn’t spent as part of its current program she could spend it later on other things. Finding fake “savings” to spend elsewhere is a bipartisan tradition. Ms. Collins has helped to defeat a health-care bill that reformed Medicaid, death-tax repeal, and now the rescissions package.

Mr. Burr revolted over a line item about the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a rescission he wanted stripped from the package, and so he blocked even a debate. Mr. Burr could have moved to strike the item on the floor and he might have succeeded. The conservation program is largely a slush fund for government land grabs, but it’s politically untouchable because it reminds people of Old Faithful and camping trips.

Mr. Burr thus tanked a $15 billion package over a $16 million rescission, and only after putting his GOP colleagues on the record for a tough vote. The House narrowly passed the rescissions package, and many vulnerable Republican members now will be attacked by Democrats as having voted to slash spending without having accomplished any fiscal discipline that excites the right.

Congress’s window to pass rescission requests with a simple majority under the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 expires on Friday. As with other projects this Congress, the GOP almost succeeded, only to see it blow up at the eleventh hour thanks to self-serving Senators.

Yep, folks.  That’s our Dick.  And just think:  we’ve got him AT LEAST until 2022. 

5 thoughts on “‘Tricky Dick’ Burr: Big-spending tree-hugger

  1. There is simply no hope for the Republican Party. Even Trump can’t save a party that seems determined to commit suicide.

    1. President Trump needs to be more careful in who he endorses in GOP primaries. In too many races, he has endorsed the more liberal swamp dwelling primary candidate beginning with the special election for US Senate in Alabama and most recently for Congress in South Carolina.

      A week or so ago, the Trump endorsement was the big factor in the upset by a liberal state legislator of solidly conservative Congressman Mark Sanford, a member of the House Freedom Caucus in South Carolina.. Sanford is A rated with a perfect 100% score from the conservative Club for Growth, while the legislator who beat him is F rated with a puny 14% score, one of the lowest among GOP legislators. Why is Trump endorsing primary candidates like that?

  2. Richard Burr is a great progressive. He is a friend of the polar bears and works to preserve President Obama’s green energy legacy by giving huge taxpayer subsidies to our Wind and Solar friends. As President Obama himself said this will cause electric rates “to necessarily skyrocket” but that is all part of the plan. When electric rates so through the rook, as they so everywhere that Wind and Solar are deployed in a big way, then the peons will not be able to afford air conditioning and only those of us in the elite will have it. That will reduce electric use and save the polar bears.

    And we also thank progressive consultant Paul Shumaker for working to get Senator Burr on board with the Obama plan.

  3. In New “Yawk” we call this backstabbing. I prefer the great NC line, “he’s lower then a snakes belly!”

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