#ncsen: Burr, Dems kill fed spending cuts

For all of you who argue we need to stick with every R through thick and thin, we submit one Richard Mauze Burr as Exhibit A in our rebuttal argument:

Senators voted Wednesday to block President Trump’s $15.4 billion spending cuts package, with lawmakers saying it trimmed the budget too much.

Brushing aside administration promises that the cuts were chiefly to money that was never going to be spent, the Senate voted 50-48 to keep the bill bottled up. Two Republicans — Susan Collins of Maine and Richard Burr of North Carolina — joined Democrats to defeat the package.[…]

M’kay.  Show of hands.  How many people voted to send this clown back to DC to BLOCK cuts to federal spending?

But, wait.  There’s MORE:

[…] The vote was a blow to Republicans who had promised more fiscal responsibility after passing a $1.5 trillion tax cut last year followed by a $1.3 trillion spending bill in March.

Mr. Trump, stung by criticism after signing the spending bill, vowed to return with cuts.

But with Congress already working on the 2019 spending bills, Democrats said any moves to lower government funding would sour the chances for bipartisan cooperation.

THIS — and the record spending on Jones Street — is what spawns “problems” for the establishment like The Constitution Party.
Why should we continue to stand with and by elected Republicans when they REFUSE to stand with or by US?

5 thoughts on “#ncsen: Burr, Dems kill fed spending cuts

  1. Thom Tillis had a hand in this disaster, too, although more indirectly.

    If we had a Republican in that Alabama Senate that was up in that special election last year instead of liberal Democrat Doug Jones, this would have been a 49-49 tie and VP Pence would have broken the tie in the president’s favor.

    Thom Tillis was all over the media running down and urging the defeat of the official GOP nominee (who was backed by President Trump, the Alabama GOP state executive committee, and Alabama’s Republican governor among others) so Tillis played a significant role in the GOP’s narrow loss of that seat. Stark, Woodhouse, and Hayes need to answer why Tillis was not brought up on party disloyalty charges. Tillis’ betrayal of the party was far, far worse than the nothingbuerger in Haywood County. There seems to be a double standard in the NCGOPe.

    No wonder both Burr and Tillis get “F” on the Conservative Review scorecard.

    It is time for a change. Never Tillis. Never Burr.

  2. This is why the Republican establishment types are so despised by the grassroots. Pretty soon there won’t be any grassroots to do the heavy lifting.

  3. The best way to change government is to change elected officials.

    The Republican party is becoming a swamp infested with RINO’s.

  4. Tillis and Burr are clearly not on the Trump train. Tillis is likely to get run over by it in the 2020 primary and Burr in the 2022 primary if he reneges again on his promise to retire.

    Time for a change. These guys are Fifth Columnists..

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