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All In The (Tilli$$) Family

    We’re not the only southern state with a  problematic  politician  named Tillis.   Check out the happenings in the Tennessee state legislature (where Thom’s brother serves) :   State Rep. Rick Tillis (R-Lewisburg) has agreed to step down from his majority whip position,…

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Whittling away our rights one ‘red flag’ at a time

  We’ve had some more mass shootings.  Both in retail stores in Texas and Ohio.  The left, foaming at the mouth, wants to blame it all on Donald Trump.  That’s kind of like blaming the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) and Columbine (1999) on Bill Clinton….

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‘Circle of Death’? (Seriously ????) Drive-Bys, GOPe fight to save Tilli$$

  Never mind the polling that shows he’s got 40 percent support with 30 percent undecided in a FOUR-WAY race.  Or 90% name Id and 45% re-elect numbers.   Never mind his 59% conservative rating from Heritage Action or his 38% rating from Conservative Review….

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Republicans ramp up their flirtation with identity politics

Republicans talk  a good game about judging people on their qualifications / content of character.  But more and more Republicans — including our very own (former) congresswoman Renee Ellmers — have been  beating the drums about electing more Republicans with TWO X-chromosomes.   It’s demeaning…

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DC tells pro-border security Americans to ‘Stuff it.’

The DC establishment is working feverishly to avoid the feared government shut-down.  *Can’t tick off The Washington Post and The New York Times, can we?*  (I wish they felt the same about us little people out in fly-over country.)  Republicans STILL allegedly control Capitol Hill….

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In Lee County, a 24-year old GOP star is born

Quite a few twenty-somethings in North Carolina politics make pilgrimages to Raleigh with visions of making it big QUICK. Patrick McHenry, for instance, got elected to the North Carolina House right out of college.  One young lady in Lee County started off aiming small and…

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RINO crackdown on conservatives extends south of the border

Those of you in Haywood County who have been PNGed by the NCGOP — those of you who have been threatened with losing your party position for daring to comment on THIS site (or share posts from this site on social media) — take heart….

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The REAL Helms legacy

Jesse Helms was arguably the man who made being conservative AND Republican cool in North Carolina.  His televised editorials opened a ton of eyes and stimulated a lot of deep thinking among the North Carolina electorate.  He helped set the tone that led to the…

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Tax rate reductions? Nice. (Now, WHERE are the spending cuts?)

Republicans in Raleigh are singing the praises of themselves for great big “tax cuts.”  That’s a good thing to allow people to keep more of their hard-earned money. But politicians view tax cuts different from the way you and I in the real world do. …

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*Pssst. Tip off Speck at the N&O. He’ll write ANYTHING (that comes from libs).*

For the longest time, we were treated in the pages of The N&O to Colon Campbell’s peculiar obsession with toilets.  HB2 and trannies in the ladies room made its way into all sorts of things young Colon wrote about.  The boy lived and breathed restrooms….