Greg Murphy roughed up by a girl

The 3rd district Republican’s forays onto social media can often be fraught with peril.  It seems like just yesterday where he went on Twitter to say THIS:

His own daughter took to social media to remind him of the time he went with her to the campus police station to file a sexual assault report. 

Well, fast-forward to this past week. Murphy once again finds himself in a social media spat with a member of the female species:

Mace is a Republican representing the Charleston, SC area.  That emoji she is using appears to be a cat — sometimes referred to as a pussycat.

Murphy is asking her to “apologize” for siding with Matt Gaetz in the vote to evict Kevin McCarthy from the speaker’s chair.

Oh, and you have to love Mace’s coup de grâce in her spat with Murphy:

If you think back to Murphy’s initial run for Congress, Murphy fought through a crowded primary to a runoff against fellow Republican Joan Perry.  Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik raised a lot of money for Perry and cheerleaded hard for her.

Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan  worked overtime in their cheerleading and fundraising for Murphy.  Those in-the-know about that race will tell you Murphy would not have survived the runoff with Perry had it not been for the hard work and assistance from Jordan and Meadows.

But how does he thank them?  By shunning that pair as soon as he gets to Washington and running into the “welcoming” embrace of Stefanik and McCarthy.

Murphy has been nowhere near as helpful to Jordan in his speaker bid as Jordan was to him in his initial run for Congress.  That certainly speaks volumes to Murphy’s beliefs on the concept of loyalty.

Murphy has been passionately promoting the speaker campaign of Oklahoma congressman Kevin Hern.