Open mouth, insert foot. Give the liberals a gift.


Greg Murphy IS one of ours.  He DID lie to his voters about being a Meadows-Jordan man. (Apparently, his folks in the east don’t care about that.)

But saying things like THIS, and giving the liberals something to crow about, is too much:


Um, Murphy should have a few words with some cops and prosecutors.  I think they could show him more than a few cases where kids and adults have been forced to have sex.

This is the kind of crap that is a pure gift — fodder for a hell of a campaign ad — for Democrats and potential primary opponents alike.  NC PolicyWatch – the flagship site for our state’s far left — has had the best time with this Murphy tweet.

Murphy used to have some wise media advisers who counseled him and kept him from doing dumb stuff like this.  But Murphy decided he is smart enough to handle the media all by himself.  If this is some of his best work, I’d urge his staff to keep their CVs updated.

Maybe it’s time to get the good doctor OFF of social media.