Josh Stein: Mouthing political platitudes, having little to no clue.

Here’s our (alleged) attorney general / space-occupier / governor-in-waiting Josh Stein pandering to his party’s far left and showing how little he actually understands about the law:

Abortion is not a right, genius.  The Supreme Court just told us that.  Roe v. Wade was decided by finding a mythical right to abortion in the 4th (search & seizure) and 14th(equal protection) amendments to The US Constitution.

It’s funny.  Josh & the gang want to protect a “right” that is not addressed at all in The Constitution, but want to cripple or wipe out totally a right that IS specifically addressed in The Constitution’s Second Amendment.

This guy is mainstream ONLY in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham and Asheville. (If Buck Newton had only TRIED to run a serious campaign, we would not be talking about this loser right now.)

Josh, you’ve been asked by the legislature to remove the court’s injunction against the 20-week waiting period on abortion.  The Supreme Court told us it’s a state issue.  You are the state’s chief counsel.  Our legislators have passed laws dealing with this issue. They’ve been blocked due to the presence of Roe.  Roe is no longer a roadblock.  It’s time for you to do your part.

If this guy is going to pull a Cooper — not doing his job, running for governor full-time on the taxpayer dime — Jones Street Republicans should work around him and educate voters on what a lazy, unqualified turd he is.