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The unholy alliance between abortionists and the enviro-wackos

  This is something that has folks on the left and the right perturbed.  (For different reasons, though.)  One of the more significant money-men behind this political alliance is apparently a North Carolinian named Fred Stanback.   Here’s the story on the moneyed Salisbury resident…

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Trannies in the ladies room + baby killing: NC Democrats in 2019

  They’ll call you  a bigot if you don’t want guys dressed like girls in the restroom or locker room with your wives or daughters.  They’re also for stronger protections for barnyard animals than for newborn humans.  Meet Wayne Goodwin’s Democrat Party, 2019 edition.  …

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Chelsea Clinton: Abortion = economic BOOM!

While drivebys and Democrats in North Carolina have been parsing the words of EVERY Mark Harris sermon, the daughter of the Left’s most-beloved, most-worshipped couple is out touting the economic benefits of killing babies: No one can accuse the Clintons of failing to prioritize profit…

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Dims: God = Abortion

That’s what their empty-headed US House minority leader says: Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton among white men because guns, gays, and God, according to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They…

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Clarence Thomas NAILS IT in TX abortion dissent

George H.W. Bush;’s one term as president was quite the downer.  But one of the best things he did was standing by — and fighting for — the elevation of Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court.  Thomas took quite a beating to get there….

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Making it up as they go ….

The black-robed, law-school “educated’;’ crowd — enabled by our elected, alleged, “representatives” — are rolling right along with their efforts to shred the grand American experiment.  They’ve found a “right to abortion” in the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unlawful search and seizure.  They’ve found a…

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#ncpol NC-07: Mr. Rouzer, I do believe your pants are on fire.

It’s a shame that outright bald-faced lies are so plentiful in politics.  Occasionally, though, some lies surface that are so outrageous that we just have to highlight them for our dear readers. A few months back, some Members of Congress sent the following letter to…

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#NC-02: BIG pro-abortion GOPer a BIG Renee Ellmers fan

The shocking videos of Planned Parenthood officials bartering for baby parts has shocked America.  North Carolinians and folks from across the country were mortified when Renee Ellmers took the lead to block passage of a late-term abortion ban. The latest FEC filings indicate that one…

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NC-02: Renee don’t need no stinkin’ police report

Renee Ellmers thinks rape is bad and a crime. (Like I and all other rational people do.) Yet, she doesn’t think this crime needs to be reported to police in order to be defined as rape. You have to file a police report to replace…

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Lefty lunacy reaching a fever pitch

If you thought leftists were losing it over the proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, wait until you get a load of what they’re doing over the introduction of HB 465 by FOUR — count ’em, FOUR — female Republican legislators. Reps. Jacqueline Schaffer, Susan Martin,…