North Carolina now an “ABORTION DESTINATION”

So sayeth The NY Times:

Clinic by clinic, county by county and up to the highest levels of state government, no state embodies the nation’s post-Roe upheaval like North Carolina.

In the eight months since the federal right to abortion was eliminated, leaving states free to make their own abortion laws, North Carolina, where the procedure remains legal up to 20 weeks, has become a top destination for people from states where it is banned or severely restricted. North Carolina experienced a 37 percent jump in abortions, according to WeCount, an abortion-tracking project sponsored by the Society for Family Planning, which supports abortion rights. Providers in the state performed 3,190 abortions in April 2022. That number soared to 4,360 in August, after Roe fell. It was the biggest percentage increase in any state.

The state’s abortion providers are under strain, with women sometimes having to wait a month for an appointment.In Chapel Hill, nurses at the Planned Parenthood clinic say they often pull into the parking lot to find patients sleeping in their cars. The license plates are from Tennessee, Georgia, even Texas.

The large influx of patients has energized local volunteer networks offering rides, money for clinic fees and places to stay. It has also alarmed anti-abortion activists who last June were rejoicing when the court struck down Roe v. Wade, only to later discover a surge of abortions in their state.

“Right now people are flocking here because they believe they can take the life of the unborn, and that concerns me,” said Ron Baity, a Baptist minister in Winston-Salem who is president of the anti-abortion group Return America. […]

Of ALL the things to gain a national reputation for.

A 20 week limit?  That’s about halfway through a pregnancy. If you’re waiting that long to determine a pregnancy is a little too inconvenient for you and your life situation, you’re brushing up against some serious ethical issues.

Try as they might, the pro-abortion crowd can’t credibly paint this as a civil rights issue.  They — from Planned Parenthood to individual doctors — make a  TON of money off of these vulnerable women.  If you kept abortion completely legal, but stripped all of the government money out of the “industry,”  you’d see a dramatic drop in interest from the pro-abortion crowd.

I’m not one to say NO abortion under ANY circumstances.  I also don’t believe it needs to be lumped in with condoms and “the pill” as just another birth control option.

I believe abortion needs to be recognized — and treated — as an agonizing, emotionally-painful, very rare, last-resort option.  I’m a big fan of saving all kinds of innocent lives.  

Government makes a call on saving or ending lives all the time.  We have laws separating murder from self-defense.  We have laws about capital punishment.

There are plenty of other more pleasant things we can — and should — be known for nationally.