Trannies in the ladies room + baby killing: NC Democrats in 2019


They’ll call you  a bigot if you don’t want guys dressed like girls in the restroom or locker room with your wives or daughters.  They’re also for stronger protections for barnyard animals than for newborn humans.  Meet Wayne Goodwin’s Democrat Party, 2019 edition.


A very basic piece of legislation — that had been  vetoed by Governor Cooper —  came up before the General Assembly today.  The bill said that, if a baby survived an abortion procedure outside the womb, the attending physicians had a legal responsibility to try and save its life.  Cooper thought that was harsh and unreasonable.



Apparently, most of the Democrats in the General Assembly agreed with their boss.  The legislature FAILED to override the veto of that very humane, very reasonable piece of legislation.


Doctors cite their “oath” when  they provide medical care to wounded terrorists.  Yet, it’s asking too much to help an infant struggling to live.


One of the biggest arguments Democrats put up:  How often does this happen?  Does it happen enough to require a law?


Well, while we’re answering questions, answer me this:  How often do surgeons try to operate blindfolded?  Well, it happened at least once in 2007 in Lumberton, North Carolina.  


As someone who’s had surgery in a North Carolina operating room, I am glad there are laws in place to govern conduct of doctors and other operating room  staff.


This picture, posted on social media just after today’s big vote, turned my stomach:



Let’s ID these Democrats smiling and celebrating the continued butchery of babies:  second from left, Kirk Deviere (D-Fayetteville); third from left, Natasha Marcus (D-Mecklenburg); fourth from left, Harper Peterson (D=Wilmington).


While we’re at it, let’s thrown in some  mental health care for the 77 low-lifes who “liked” this photo.


Democrats gained in 2018 because the NCGOP rolled over and played dead.  Democrats have already signaled they plan to campaign  on trannies in the ladies room. Surely, they’ll boast about today’s travesty as well.


The culture, or lack of it,  in Chapel Hill-Carrboro, Durham and Asheville has taken over the state Democrat Party and, apparently, the state legislature.   If NCGOP leaders can put aside egos and their self-enrichment scams long enough to communicate a positive alternative to the voters,  there might yet be some hope for this state.

5 thoughts on “Trannies in the ladies room + baby killing: NC Democrats in 2019

  1. The line in the sand is getting more and more noticeable. The God given ability to correctly reason right from wrong is being compromised politically from top to bottom.

  2. If a baby is alive and outside of the women then doctors care for the baby to keep it alive. This effort by the Right is unnecessary.

  3. 1) The Democrats lied about this bill. They claim it imp;acts “women’s reproductive health.” There is no metaphysical way that caring for a baby that was actually born alive can impact the health of its mother or of any other woman in any way.
    2) A man does not have to dress up as a woman to go into the women’s bathroom or locker room under the law as the Democrats want it. All a man has to do to gain legal access to women’s facilities is to identify as a woman. It is entirely up to the man. There is no requirement for dressing in any manner. That is a point the media would not tell the public in reporting on this subject. The man could look totally like a man and still have a legal right to be in the ladies locker room.

  4. The Democrats seem to have painted themselves into a corner on post-birth abortion / infanticide. A recent national poll showed that only 8% of Americans support abortion in the third trimester. I would bet that among North Carolinians it is even less, and for post-birth even less than that tiny eight percent. I can see the ads clobbering the grossly out of touch Democrats on this in the coming election.

    Letting men into womens restrooms (Blust is right that they do even have to dress in drag) could have been a slam dunk for Republicans as well, but the Raleigh swamp lost their nerve and blew it by knuckling under to Cooper. When Republicans stood firm on this issue in 2016, it helped us at the polls. We can thank Moore, Berger, McCrory, and the slight majority of swamp Republicans in both House and Senate for blowing this one very badly.

  5. Looking for men of integrity and backbone that will join me in filing charges of “accessory to murder” to the governor and others that say it is ok to murder the baby even when born alive. They used to say a baby is a person when it is born and breaths, this only proves they are LIARS! If you do not join me or fight in a win-able way to protect these babies, Father Yahovah our Creator will hold you accountable for murder.

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