Shaking down legislators, NCGA lobbyists to save ol’ Thom?


Once again, we’ve got mail.



Lunch on  a Monday in Raleigh with lil’ Timmy, fossilized Leo, and Phil  Berger’s beard stubble.  *Golly, gee. Clear my calendar.*

Garland Tucker has lined up a fundraiser  whose sponsors include  four dozen or so heavy hitters — including several former Tillis donors and a number of current and former legislators.   Team Tillis responds with THESE THREE.



Notice the small print at the bottom of the emailed invitation:


[…] “The strict regulations of the Federal Election Campaign Act limit contributions from non-federal committees to $1,000 aggregate in a calendar year without requiring you to register with the FEC.”[…]


That’s a fancy way of saying that they intend to target (1) legislators and (2) lobbyists who normally work the General Assembly.    It also pretty clearly communicates to that target demographic that, if you want to keep lil’ Timmy and The Beard Stubble happy, you better open up your wallet. (I also wouldn’t be surprised if Berger and Moore don’t get a piece of the action at this luncheon.)



3 thoughts on “Shaking down legislators, NCGA lobbyists to save ol’ Thom?

  1. All those who give should be asked if they supported the Tillis/Booker bill to protect Robert Mueller, the op-ed in which Tillis called Republican Senators who supported Trump’s emergency declaration for the border hypocrites, the Tillis assertion before Trump was sworn in that Trump had not rec.ieved a mandate but that voters wanted bi-partisan cooperation, the Tillis statement on several occasions that conservatives are part of the problem and equating them with those on the far left in stopping progress in Washington, the busting of the spending caps, the surge in federal spending, etc., etc., etc.

  2. It’s fascinating that Berger and Moore, both State Executive Committee members, are giving Tillis a de facto endorsement. If any county chairs/vice chairs decide they’re not going to be handcuffed by primary rules that legislators clearly aren’t obeying, it’ll be equally fascinating to watch NCGOPe do something about it.

  3. Berger and Moore should have stayed out of this race, especially with Garland Tucker preparing to give Tillis the fight of his life. You would think Berger and Moore would have enough to worry about in the General Assembly and with the dysfunctional UNC Board of Governors. Their support of the unpopular Tillis makes no sense in Republican politics but, come to think of it, not much is making sense in GOP politics these days.

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