States’ Rights & Surrender Monkeys


Just thought there was little or nothing to slow (or halt) our nation’s circling of the drain, a ray of hope shines through from across the Potomac River.  The US Supreme Court finally heard what those of us in the constitutional conservative camp have been saying for aeons: Stuff that is specifically addressed in The Constitution is a federally-protected right.  Stuff that is not addressed in the US Constitution is an issue for the states to decide.

Mealy-mouthed politicians have avoided going on-the-record regarding controversial issues like gun control or abortion by suggesting that “The Supreme Court has spoken.”

The high court was never never never NEVER meant to legislate. Its job has been — from the start — to evaluate laws passed by the legislative branch to see if they align with what The Constitution says.  If the laws DO align,  they can stand.  If they do not, they are to be kicked back to legislators in DC or the states for corrective action.

If abortion is SO important, folks should pass a constitutional amendment so there would be legitimate federal protection.  It certainly would be fun to watch the efforts to round up votes for such a proposal.

I love hearing all the moaning about having to actually TRAVEL to get your abortion.  People travel hours away from their homes all the time for more mainstream medical procedures, such as heart or other kinds of surgeries.

When you run for public office, the people expect you to make tough decisions related to the operation of our state and country.  Most of our politicians see their jobs as (1) gobbling up cash from lobbyists, and (2) delivering for the special interests who have “paid up.”  Doing what’s right for the state, the nation, or the people back home has always been a distant, distant THIRD.

One of the biggest political impacts of The Supreme Court’s decisions this past week is that large, nationwide PACs and special interests will be paying an inordinate and unprecedented amount of attention to state legislative and judicial races nationwide.  That’s where the court says big decisions on guns and abortion need to be made.  THAT is where all the cash will be headed, and arms will be twisted.

We’re being told ad nauseam about an alleged “red wave” ready to sweep the GOP to great majorities in DC and Raleigh.  The GOP already controls Jones Street.  Yet, they’re doing little good with that control.  We keep getting told that conservative legislation cannot be passed because mean ol’ Roy Cooper will veto it.  Great.  Make him do it.  Shove said veto down his his legislative minions’ throats with all kinds of election-time ads.

We elected Republicans to a majority in Raleigh because we anticipated the passage of broad conservative reforms.  Yet, we’ve had little more than “crossing the aisle” and pledges of “wait ’til after November.”  What happens if that super-majority is not delivered in 2022?  Wait two more years for anything conservative / sensible to be passed in Raleigh? If they won’t deliver conservative reforms while holding a smaller majority, what makes you think they will with a larger one?  They’ve had a larger majority before but left plenty of conservative reforms on the table.

Pressuring Josh Stein to stop blocking the already approved 20-week ban is one small positive step. So much time has been wasted at the NCGA on sports gambling, expanding Medicaid, legalizing marijuana, and the like. Nobody other than the lobbyists lining legislator pockets has been asking for any of that.

Who needs gambling or pot when you already can’t afford gas or find baby formula?

Roy Cooper still has all that “emergency power” he was given at the start of the COVID pandemic.  Republicans have the power to take it all away.  No one is making a move to do that.  The House GOP apparently doesn’t think parents have any rights in the fight against Critical Race Theory in their kids’ classrooms.  The GOP caved to Democrats and the leftist media on expansion of our overly-generous, rife-with-fraud Medicaid system.  The GOP caucuses on Jones Street still haven’t completed all that tax reform they promised in 2010 and 2012.

If Republicans are going to continue rolling over and showing their bellies to Roy Cooper,  what use is it to show up for them in November?  Minority Democrats and their doofus leader sure are getting an awful lot of what they want.  The last thing we need is more Rs playing dead for our useless governor.