From revolutionaries to surrender monkeys?


When the GOP first took over in Raleigh over a decade ago, we heard a lot about “conservative revolution” and dramatic change in our state government.  Unfortunately, the only change we got was a different set of hands pocketing our money and taking care of cronies.

Today, we don’t have much of a political opposition in Raleigh.  Republicans have a slimmer majority than they had in 2010.  They still have the votes to pass legislation important to their voters and in line with the party platform.  Unfortunately, we’re getting a lot more spending, an expansion of Medicaid, and protection of the gay political lobby’s role in administering public education, among others.

Republican “leaders” fret publicly about not having Democrat votes.  The absence of a veto-proof majority is flaunted as an excuse for not pursuing conservative policies.  Why not pass conservative legislation and make the Dems vote against it and veto it?  Some great ads could result: “Roy Cooper and his gang think you don’t need to know what they’re doing to your kids every week at school.”

Instead, we’re getting a lot of what the minority Democrat legislators and the Democrat governor want.  Everybody is acting like one big party — one happy family.   What happened to the folks who promised to cut spending and shrink government if we voted for them? We’re hearing all this talk about a “red wave” in November.  The GOP has majorities now.  If they won’t pursue conservative policies NOW, what makes you think they’ll do it with bigger majorities?

The latest head-scratcher comes from Speaker Timmy, who blocked consideration of The Parents’ Bill of Rights.  Why?  Because it might be too “divisive,”  and there would not be enough Democrat votes.  Yes, that is your “Republican” speaker speaking.

Why block consideration of something so overwhelmingly popular with your voters?  My bet is that there is a big donor behind the scenes who wants to fund the GOP, but likes the gay / tranny influence in K-12 education.   With this crowd on Jones Street, it is rarely about principle.  It is almost always about MONEY.

The belly-aching about the veto-proof majority is also a sham.  Berger and Timmy want to ensure they are the MEN TO SEE to get anything passed in Raleigh FOREVER.  EVEN if a Republican gets elected governor in 2024.  That person will be set in the corner and will be subject to the whims of Timmy and Phil.  There’s an awful lot about THEM, and not a whole lot about serving US.

If this UNIPARTY sham stays on course through November,  the GOPe might be stunned at the overwhelming lack of enthusiasm out in the hinterlands.  They could be front-row witnesses to the squandering of what should have been a fantastic opportunity.